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From the Dark to Hope Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by A Better Community for All (ABC4All), United States Jan 27, 2006
Health   Poetry


So many suffer.
Look at the world -
Haves and have-nots.
Are not we all alive?

Do not all matter?
Thirsts must be quenched.
Hunger satisfied.
Not right for darkness to
Cloud the light.

Is there an end to misery?
Cannot those in need
Be able to elevate into
The light at the end of
The dark tunnel?

Can we all be better?
Is there a way?
Healthier water?
Better spirits?
Even ways to cope
Not thought possible?

Take me,
Teach me,
Help me,
Free me,
Make us all One!

Humanity cries,
“Equality for All.”
Say the word.

ABC4All wants to
Bring relief.
Just let us share.
You decide.
We care.



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Writer Profile
A Better Community for All (ABC4All)

Burton Danet, PhD, is a retired clinical psychologist who has been working for over 13 years in association with Co-Founder Robert Chew to develop the concepts for A Better Community For All (ABC4All). The Legacy of ABC4All, when fully in place, will offer a permanent matching of charitable contributions. Until then, methods are being developed to create opportunities where none have existed before, including self-funding for nonprofit/NGO organizations. ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project: http://projects.takingitglobal.org/abc4allglobalteam
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