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Making Love Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by sleemfesh, Nigeria Jan 27, 2006
Child & Youth Rights , Sports   Poetry


Oh when you touch me
I know that there is a place to be
And there would be no squabbles.
The way you touched me
I knew we were meant to be

But we have never made love
Though we wished that we would have
They were just wishes come and gone
We have come under the gun
But there have been no wounds

Several times we came near to the path
But we were always afraid and shy
We have not done it before apart
From the time we did so with a sigh
But people said that it is not done that way

When I came near you
I discovered that you were waiting
And then I looked through
And we are awaiting
Something not our own

We had to part and pray
That we get to the knowledge
Of what the doers have to play
Before they get the privilege
Needed for making love



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Writer Profile

I have heard that life is like a piece of music;it has to end somewhere yet we are obliged to enjoy the music a long as it lasts.

It matters to me that I be in tune with my individual feelings irrespective of the several forces that come to bear on it, because, that is all I have and can lay claim on.

I grew up a little kid who had everything at his disposal, or at least I thought so. I was sure my fees would be paid and other kids came to our house to play and hardly ever the other way round. This only left me handicapped later on in life when I realized that I actually have to fend for myself and needed to reach out to others to get certain things done. Things may always be around the corner yet we have to step out and take hold of them.
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