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Africa Weep Not Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by yinkusmama, Nigeria Jan 26, 2006
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Africa Weep Not
For how long?
Are we going to weep
for how long?
Are we going to stop pointing fingers
For how long?
Are we going to sit and watch.
Weep not Africa child.

Weep not Africa child
Children dying of Sickness
Some are dying of hunger
Who will now be our leaders
when fate is shaken
Where are the heroes of later day?
how can this go on and on
Weep not Africa child

Weep not Africa Child
When could we stop weeping?
When can a smile be shown on our face
When can we stop feeling sorry for ourselves
And allow hope and faith to lead us
Please Oh God deliver us.
Weep not Africa child



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Writer Profile

Olayinka Sanni, undergraduate of University of abuja studying accounting, is a writer and a youth activist.
i believe in these key words that keep me going, and i want others to learn from it. develop your self, a person of vision needs to be developed. i believe in hard work. every youth should be productive. if you're waiting for the right time to be self employed, the time to start was yesterday but you can start now. so save, invest and ensure that all around you cultivate the same habit.

olayinka sanni | Feb 28th, 2006
am yinka's friend, am writing this comment not to yinka but any prson that come accross this message. this peopm illustrate how life, fate is being treatd to humanity. weep not Africa child in her talk about youths of the nation. it's we youth that are the leader of today. we can make a change. youths of the world ,let unite and make a change to the situation on ground, we can make it. seni adebanjo

Aysha Imtiaz | May 4th, 2011
this is a great piece. amazing. keep up the good work

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