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Poverty: The World at Stake Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ayodeji Thomas Adewunmi, Nigeria Oct 9, 2002
Poverty , Human Rights   Opinions


Poverty affects the lives of millions of people, including two of the world’s best paid football players: Ronaldo, and Zidane. What is more surprising is the fact that we now live in a world where almost a quarter of the population, live in absolute poverty. Improving education is one way we can end poverty. Educational programs, and vocational training would make it easier to create and find jobs, improve health care, farming, and trade as well as developing opportunities for men, women, and children (especially from the South). Let us bridge the gap!
For instance, if you lived close to the “masses” in Nigeria: you would find poverty, taste hunger and diseases in the faces of these people, and perceive the extent to which poverty has pushed the human spirit.
Poverty; which is one of the world’s most nagging problems, will surely take time to fight! But believe me, everyone would be happier without poverty.
Each time I am in the Cadaver room for dissection, I continue to reason with awe, the complexity of the Human Body. Together; as I read and flip through the pages of my anatomy textbook, it became crystal clear to me that it takes not only time, but also efforts to study these complexities.

Poverty is amongst the complexity of the problems of the world in which we all live. The question keeps ringing: what is Poverty? I throw it to you. Many of our present problems are not unassociated with Poverty - crime, and diseases to mention a few. At Rio +10, World Leaders did re-affirm their commitments towards a sustainable living for all. Imagine! The same was said at Rio de Janeiro in 1992; but little has been done. We are tired of talking, and putting policies down on paper. Yes we are. We do need action, which is the practical aspect of it. We cannot long for a sustainable future; when poverty pervades the land.



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Ayodeji Thomas Adewunmi

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good job
Ayodeji Thomas Adewunmi | Oct 10th, 2002
bravo ayodeji. action has to be taken by all and sundry to combat the menance of poverty.

Keyra | Jan 3rd, 2003
This article brings up many good points. How two of the world's best paid football players are poor.How has our world come to having many in poverty and many who are rich, but not enough of those who are in between? So many people are only focused on what they don't have, that they don't appreciate what they do have. They don't stop to think, oh, I can use my money to help people who don't have money to buy food today, or to get fancy clothes. I'm not saying all rich people are like this though, and that's why we have to thank the philanthropists for trying to set an example by using the money they do have.

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