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In the middle of the turbulent sea
Our ship is at the verge of wreckage
People on the shore scream
As we cry for survival
What do we do
When a kingdom is collapsing
How do we survive
The damage inflicted by
The political godfathers
Our economy is bad, our rights ceased
We uplift our eyes
Only to behold the dark skies
For all hope is gone
"Jettisson!" the seaman cries
For it's the only remedy
To this political chaos
So, let the whole world be on our side
As we protest, Jettisson!



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Writer Profile
gabriel babatunde oluwakorede

I am a young man whose dream is to reform the world through poetry. I was nominated as "Poet of the year" for 2003 by Maryland-based International Society of Poets. Though I was unable to attend the convention for a reason, I still find joy in my achievement.

I do not have an organization of my own, but I plan to have one soon. I am looking forward to joining so many governmental organizations, and meeting poets of like minds. I believe so much in poetry, and it has been my platform for everyday activity.
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