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by harnette thang, Vietnam Dec 26, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Education , Human Rights   Short Stories


During the different phases of life, everybody has something to remember; among them is the love from their parents. As people say, “Love is not finding someone to live with. It is finding someone you cannot live without.” For me, apart from the images of my mother, grandparents and family, there is a place for the picture of my father – the hero in my life.

Since I was born, my father was always by my side. He took care of me so much that he spent many sleepless nights with me. Day after day, my father carried me on his arm as he held a rice bowl in his other hand.

When I was three years old, my father took me to the swimming pool for the first time. Right here, I was habituated to water and relaxation. The first time I saw the blue water I was afraid and I shrivelled up in his arms.

He placed me on the first stair in the swimming pool – the stairs of my new life. “I will assist you.” I was more afraid and clung on to my daddy.

He encouraged me: “Do not be afraid.” I kept clinging tighter.

His voice changed: “You must step down those stairs and face your fear. I will wait for you on the other side of the swimming pool”.

I began to take some steps and I cried a lot. At that moment, I thought I hated him so much. But when I got to the last stair, my father was clapping: “My dear son, come here. I am here”. I closed my eyes when facing the blue water, but later I had a strange feeling - feeling of curiosity.

My father later gave me an old bicycle, a bicycle of three generations. I sat on it, happy and secure because he held me from the rear. He said that he would not let go of me. On a deserted stretch of road, he suddenly let go, and I continued riding for a short way until I fell over. Because of the pain, I cried and blamed him. “You promised not to let go of me.”

He held me close to him: “I did it so you would learn how to ride.” I did not want to try again.

At last, he changed his voice: “If you do not teach yourself to ride it, you should never ride it.” And then he said, “Now let’s do it again, brave boy.” Afterwards, my father said “The life ahead will have lots of challenges for you to overcome, and I want to give you more courage to face all of them.”

Now, his age is clearly written on his face. His health is also weaker and white hair has appeared. In difficult times I always remember the face of my father, smiling and standing on the other side of the swimming pool, or the image of him following my bicycle.

I always believe that when I reach my destination in work, study or anything, my father will wait for with a bright smile. Life always has an invisible heaven where there are thousands of angels without wings that surround us.



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Writer Profile
harnette thang

Writing is a chance to perform the rhythms of life as well as express my emotions on the page. It makes me stronger in life. Whenever I am down-hearted, these words always comfort me, help me to stand up and fight against all the difficulties in this lifetime.
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