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Is there a time for everything? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by RICHJOY P ARZAGA, Philippines Dec 17, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Sports   Poetry


There is a time for everything
I first saw your eyes with that radiant smile
Those dimples, Wow, truly I am mesmerized
Remember the night when we first met?
You were there anxious to meet me wearing your pretty bonnet?
I now realize that was the beginning.

We spent most of the night alone daydreaming and restless
Without necessarily thinking about the consequences
That our actions might lead to disaster
To which you and I may find it worthless after
I now realize that is the time for the playing.

We have a lot of memories in Session
Anybody along our way could feel the intensity of our passion
That we share as lovers lost in space
Who just consume love and spend the day recklessly without a care
I now realize that is the time for committing.

Time has passed and our life just changed
Is it something that we have not dared to evaluate?
I wonder where our worries have originated
Knowing that I always handle things trained and experienced.
I now realize that is the time for surviving.

Decisions have been made and life must go on.
Charge to experience they say so we have to stay normal
I like you to always hang on to the lessons we have encountered so you will be equipped
In the future, I assure, you will not be easily aggrieved.
I now realize that is the time for the scolding.

When we left each other
It was unbearable
But I always tried to remember
I'll see you again some day
And we will be best friends forever
So I am hoping you will agree with my belief though that this is not the time for ending
There is time for everything
Or should I say there is a right time for everything?



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Writer Profile

About the Author:

a) Commissioned Officer of the National Hydrographic Office of the Philippines, the Coast and Geodetic Surveys Department of the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, Department of Environment and Natural Resources holding the naval rank of Ensign.

b) Licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer from the University of the East, Philippines.

c) Part-time Faculty of the Electronics and Communications Engineering Department, College of Engineering of the Technological University of the Philippines.

d) Completed academic units in Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Major in Electronics at the Graduate School of Engineering of the Technological University of the Philippines, Manila.

e) Graduate student of the University of the Philippines Open University (University of the Philippines, Diliman as Learning Center) currently taking up Master in Environment and Natural Resources Management.

f) Former Air Navigations Systems Specialist of the Air Transportation Office, Department of Transportations and Communications, Philippines.

g) Government Property.
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