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The Cockroach Calamity Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Saad Javed, Pakistan Dec 10, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Of the ugly apartment building,
it was the sixth floor
And of the building's sixth floor,
it was the last door

Witha click, the keyhole lit up,
and so did the threshold line
It spread out on the door mat,
and shone on the 'WELCOME' sign

She shuffled across the kitchen,
and headed to make some coffee
From last night's hectic duty,
she was still sleepy and drowsy

She turned on the gas,
and picked up the matchbox lying by
She slid it open and looked,
and howled a mighty cry

For, sitting in the box was a cockroach,
big and brown and ugly
She snapped the matchbox shut,
so he could stay in it snugly

Her eyes were now wide open,
she felt a little sick
She turned off the gas-knob,
as she could not get a match-stick

As she recovered from the shock,
she laughed at her fright
She knew she was a brave lady,
with a lot of girlie pride

Moving barefooted across the lounge,
she giggled a little more
She would take a lighter from Anna,
who lived next door

She leisurely put on the right slipper,
but fell down faint as she picked the left one,
For, two cockroaches in it,
were having a lot of fun!



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Writer Profile
Saad Javed

I write not because I can. I write because I have to. Good or bad, I have to keep the stream flowing. Words express a human's disposition, so better out than in!
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