by Henry Ekwuruke
Published on: Dec 2, 2005
Type: Poetry

When asked by a scientific group to
Make a write up on the inventions of today
And the future of invention, a renowned writer and scientific
Correspondent said,
“It is finished”
This statement was credited to
Jesus on the cross of Calvary
When He said, “It is finished”
This writer continued,
There is nothing again to write for there is no new discovery
Or any new thing to write.
It then occurs to me that man’s ingenuity has been
Put to optimal use in recent times.
We are only improving off the invented
And bettering them.
Then I thought of the last bus stop of the inventions in our
Information world, the INTERNET came to my mind.
The last bus stop of inventions that connects me and
This should have been a concluding part of my piece of article
“The Internet and You: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
But it shall not be
And was not it, it is new brand, new bread to eat
The Internet, an American invention had spanned the whole
Universe a great deal and every body is experiencing its
Impacts. It has improved on humanity a great deal,
It has advanced us to our next level
Somehow, sometime ago, our imagination and thinking
Faculty never anticipated or thought we would reach
Reading this article is a benefit of the Internet
Getting hooked to this network
Chatting and emailing
Video conferencing, blogging and much more
Too numerous to mention

I remember my first time on the Internet, Internet came newly
My country, it was a challenge and bet
Of who gets connected first and the big boys where winning
I had to travel to Port Harcourt city to open a new email
And chat, my father was in Port Harcourt
But I traveled from Umuahia to Port Harcourt for this purpose
Spent some big money to open it
$6 for an hour tickets all because I want to get connected to you
The world and also for my love for this invention
Now it has changed and it is quite affordable
To the rich and the poor
To all but we still have divides; to the rural people is access
To us in cities it is cost
Yet, it is the last bus stop of all inventions
All because it gives unlimited information
Which makes us kings!

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