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Teamwork makes all the Difference! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Henry Ekwuruke, Nigeria Dec 1, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


I came to picture Moses
Moses was a man of God
He was leading the Israelites
Out of a land of horror

Into their land of plenty, merriment and peace
Confronted by a challenge
He was alone, His name
Moses alone, and Moses is one person

And no one person can make a
What becomes a team?
Team is a group of persons defining a goal

Different persons together charting a course
Different persons working out a purpose
No tree can make a forest

Seeing his fate he
built a team and instructed them
With division of labor they confronted their challenge, some at the field
others on the mountain...

Hands up victory but
hands down equals defeat in the battle
His team seeing this fate made a stone for him to sit upon
They supported his hands for victory

One at the right, another at the left!
It was winning all the way for them with their fight and challenge
Their enemies
Teamwork made the difference, I shouted!

I saw nations grow, I heard it was teamwork!
I heard companies grow bigger I find it was a team!
I found outstanding organizations and projects done well, I understood
It was teamwork in action!

I concluded, Team work makes all the difference
In all things
Indeed, it is really teamwork that works out good things
In all things.



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Writer Profile
Henry Ekwuruke

Henry Ekwuruke is Executive Director of the Development Generation Africa International.
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