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Goal Setting Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by King TUT JR., Egypt Nov 26, 2005
Health   Opinions
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Goal Setting What are goals? Goals are the things or ideals we have chosen to work for. They can be either material items, things we want to accomplish, or idealized lifestyles. Goals are choices.

When we were young we were told to choose a goal, something to work toward, but few of us were instructed on how to set a goal, nor were we encouraged to review and update our goals on a regular basis.

Are goals important? At Yale University, the graduating class of 1953 was surveyed and one of the areas they were questioned about was whether they had a set of specific, written goals. Only three percent of them reported they had written goals.

When they were interviewed twenty years later, the three percent who had written goals appeared happier and better adjusted than the rest of their classmates. Happiness and adjustment are subjective items and they are difficult to measure, but an area that can be measured is wealth. Not only were the three percent who had written goals wealthier, they had more wealth than the remaining 97 percent combined! It might be interesting to note that only three percent of the general population has a set of specific goals in writing.

Virtually every personal development program I have looked at emphasizes goal setting as a major key for success. The book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill is a good example. Mr. Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to discover how and why people get rich and write a book on the subject in order to make these secrets available to everyone. Mr. Carnegie charged him to incorporate the secrets he discovered in this book, but not to say them clearly.

He believed the discovery of the secrets by the reader would be more effective. If you read this book carefully the secrets become clear. The major secret, as I perceive it, is goal setting. However, there is much more than goal setting in this wonderful book. I recommend that you read Think and Grow Rich.

Do you have goals? I do not mean a vague daydream you have nourished throughout the years, I mean something you have given careful thought to and made a conscious choice about. Most of us have dreams we would like to see come true, but these are not goals. A goal is something we are strongly motivated about, something we are absolutely committed to make happen

Without goals we have no direction, no purpose for our lives. Think of it like going on a trip to the drug store. If you know which drug store you are going to it is relatively simple to get there. If you do not know which drug store you are going to you may spend several days wandering around trying to find one. When we set a goal we are making a decision about where we want to go with our lives. Without goals our lives are adrift in the chaos of time and events. Rather than arranging our life the way we want it, we allow random events to determine the course.

Goals are power in our lives. We do not fully understand how goals work to manifest what we desire, but we do know they work. Goals work like magic! Before you are frightened away by the metaphysical connotation you should remember, fire was magic to the caveman. I believe goal setting works because it is a concentration of our thoughts, which has the effect of focusing and directing our physical actions. If I suddenly want to visit friends who live out of town, and if I am strongly motivated to make the trip, I might as well pack my bags.

Did you ever notice that when you are really motivated to do or to have something, it is much easier to get it? The most successful people are those who have goals that motivate them every minute of every day. The people who you imagine are the most successful probably have a goal they are working toward and a plan for getting there.

There are some lucky people, but people who "luck into" successful situations are rarely able to hold on to them. I can promise you, if you set a realistic, workable goal it is attainable. There are no free rides though. You will have to stick to your goals for the long term and it may not be easy. Obviously, there are some things you cannot do, at least it is very unlikely you will be able to do them.

The first step, and everything I have written on the subject of goal setting has been directed toward this, you must know that goal setting will work for you and will bring you anything you desire. If you do not set goals and believe they will work for you, your life will remain adrift in the chaos of time and events. Visualization is an active tool in reaching your goals.

Visualization is nothing more than creating the things or situations you want as pictures in your mind. I spend 30 minutes every day sitting in a quiet room, thinking about my major goals and picturing my life with these goals already met. When you visualize, do not doubt your ability to achieve whatever you desire. You need to picture what you want as already existing in your reality.

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