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To A Girl Called Mariam Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by alvin, Nigeria Nov 25, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


how it began i cant remember
but i was at my desk made of timber
then i was preparing for the summer
and above in the distance was this thunder
it shook the walls and all the glass
sad at what was coming in a rush
i looked out the window and i thought of you
will i get to see you before the storm begins
i was lost in my thoughts and like a dream
i was drifting away slowly but unconscious
it was so real and lovely in the blue sky
so i looked around and saw the drops fall
raising my hands to hold a bit
to make a fine gift, if you will
but it came down more and fast
taking a closer look around
i see that i have gone far away
and as i see the water flowing on the ground
i was scared that i was lost
so i looked up to the sky to see the clouds
but i ended up seeing the road
then i said to myself,
whence come this road at this time
and if it does not lead me home
it will surely lead me to you
but i was too weak to follow
and my legs shook in harmony with the leaves
my eyes were soaked as the earth
my hands sailed with the wind
what else can i hold on to
for my clothes were drenched in the storm
and so i was alone and cold in the dark
but when i thought of you
your smile and what you would be doing
i felt warm in my heart, like i was falling
and someone gave me a hand
luck came my way, the sky was clearing
and from under the dark batch
i saw your smile, warm and gentle
it was the sun, but i saw you
then came the passers by, and no one cared to look
i was a stranger, and all wet and soiled
who could accept such a person
disfigured by nature and abandoned
i walked with my last strength as far as my legs would go
but it was not the strength or my legs
it was thoughts of you that kept me going
and when i could take no more
i found a spot under a big tree
whose branches swayed in the wind
inviting me to come for a rest like a baby in its arms
i obeyed, and looked at the branches
as they were strong and experienced
i gave in to their call and found me a spot
it had leaves that were so green and shiny
in my heart there is only one that is so shiny
so there i was still in the open
battered by the winds that nature cared to give
it was my cushion, and the tree was my house
but i thought of a better option
how about i lay down for a few minutes
maybe someone will stop to carry me away
i was so wrong because it failed
so i sang a song in your name
it made the birds of the air come to my side
they were my company and joined in my song
then i was so tired that i fell hard
so hard that i slept, and ...
in the silence came a sudden bang
and i awoke, to see my self awake on my desk
with my tools all lying on the floor
what a nightmare i must have been in
so i made haste to leave before the rain
hoping that i may find you waiting for me



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Writer Profile

It is really great for us to find various ways of expressing ourselves, in positive ways, that can bore holes in the minds of the readers.
They say that a picture paints a thousand words, but I want my piece of work to be a picture that will not only paint but also print into the mind.
I believe this will also open me up to learn better writing skills, and meet other writers, share my opinions and say that which matters.
God bless.
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