by Henry Ekwuruke
Published on: Nov 12, 2005
Type: Short Stories

The international conference on AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in Africa, popularly known as “ ICASA 2005”, will be held in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria and the heart of Africa by December 2005.

The conference with the theme: “HIV/AIDS and the Family” will gather together professionals; medical experts; HIV/AIDS researchers; opinion makers; government representatives; HIV Advocates; Donor agencies and partners in the fight against HIV/AIDS; youth; and different people from all over Africa and the world. They will come together and find solutions, meet and dialogue on the way forward to the eradication of the diseases that have held African people to the ground for over a decade.

It will be a veritable forum for the African people to know their future in the face of HIV/AIDS and other related diseases. The conference theme “HIV/AIDS and the FAMILY” is a vivid call for the family to stand up to the challenge of the disease, be supportive, be educated, be informed and also be the primary unit for the eradication of these diseases in Africa.

Youth are the largest carriers of sexually related diseases, including HIV/AIDS, and this conference is a youth forum to zip up and learn the A-B-C's; simply a way to be above board in the face of the invasion of HIV/AIDS and other sexually related infections: it is a confab to be committed and protective; to rise up and say no when we must say no in the face of AIDS in Africa.

ICASA 2005- your forum to be educated about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in Africa: it is your right to know, be informed and involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Nigerians are waiting, Africans are waiting and the international community is waiting to see an HIV/AIDS free world in the near future!

Now the International conference on AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in Africa has come and gone, but the question remains; what comes out of this? We were told that AIDS could be stopped- only when we keep the promise.

What are the promises?
To work together.
To stop stigma.
To fund the project.
To help the have nots and provide access to drugs.
To protect the PLWAs.

If any one, it is the governments of the world that should realize the need to end this disease spread and stop AIDS now.

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