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Organic Abundance Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by NaBeeel, Canada Oct 31, 2005
Health   Opinions


Winter is coming but as we contemplate lazy days by the pool or on the beach is going for a while, its hearty dishes sadly tend to linger in the form of an extra kilogram or two.
Contemplating a weight-loss diet with the festive season looming is no fun, but fortunately there is an alternative that is much more pleasing to the senses: re-Looking the type of food you eat and simply changing your eating habits (with a little exercise thrown in, of course!).
In this country, we are blessed with an abundance of fresh products and healthy ingredients to make superb salads and lovely crisp vegetables, not to mention a whole range of organic foods on offer to make reshaping your body a pleasant experience.
An old joke goes: 'What has a hundred legs and lives on yoghurt?' The answer: 'An aerobics class!'
But you certainly don't have to stick to yoghurt, or even to what used to be called a 'plain old salad', to cut down on kilojoules - local supermarkets offer so many different types of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, raw sprouts and onions that you need never get bored.
Speaking of organic foods, this is certainly the latest worldwide trend, with the range available growing steadily. A greater health-consciousness, combined with a number of recent food scandals, has made consumers much more aware of what they eat - and where it comes from. It has been recognized that fresh fruit and vegetables grown in living soil and protected from pests by natural means contain a wealth of vital substances for our wellbeing.
There is a whole new world of flavours waiting to be discovered within the organic garden. But what exactly does organic mean? When applied to agriculture, the word loosely means that farm production is based on the philosophy of working in harmony with nature, comprising a respect of plants, animals and human beings.
In everyday conversation, organic food refers to all 'naturally produced' foods, or the product of organic farming. Fresh produce - vegetables and fruit - is the most available type of organic food. But there is a long way to go: the availability of organic foods does depend on consumer demand, as well as dedication by farmers, gardeners.
Here's how to make organic food work for you:-
Start your day with a healthy cereal - homemade granola and muesli are great choices. These days there is also a wide range of wonderful breads available, from rye bread with pumpkin seeds and walnut bread to sunflower seed bread.
Round off breakfast with some fresh fruit. Keep the skin on and add a dollop of natural, plain yoghurt with a suggestion of organic honey and fresh berries, when available, are healthy, nutritious and delicious.
A great wholesome lunch option is organic pasta with wild mushrooms and stir-fried vegetables, served with fresh ricotta cheese. For dinner, a lovely option is a skinless chicken breast, lightly steamed with fresh herbs, young spinach and baby carrots, all served with a lemon grass sauce. Wash down your delicious figure-friendly meal with a glass or two of fine Egyptian organic grape Juice. Cheers!
If you are interested in learning more about organic foods, contact the Organic Farms Group (go to the website www.organicfarmsgroup.com and Les or Quentin will answer any queries electronically) from south Africa, If you are in Alexandria where you can try out the wholesome organic breakfast selection at the Sheraton hotel.
Treat lettuce very gently. The rule is not to use a knife, but rather break the leaves with your hands. If you really do have to use a knife, use only a stainless steel blade. After you have washed the lettuce in gently running water, make sure that you dry it well and shake off all excess water. Keep the lettuce in the fridge, in an airtight container. Be creative with lettuce: mix different types of leaves together and throw in some fresh herbs and different kinds of bean sprouts, nuts and fruit. When dressing the salad, make sure that you do not overdress it - and that the dressing is not so strong that it overpowers the salad. It is merely meant to bring out the flavour of the salad.



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I love people with respect to Live and I have a reference for the God. I like positive people with ideas to help and empower others

write political editorials on topics ranging from the years presidential election, the emerging nuclear crisis in North Korea, to cultural and social issues and problems affecting the United States and the world peace.

I'm eager to hear what other people have to say about issues, whether I agree with them or not. In my opinion, that is how one gains knowledge, by taking an issue and studying it and applying different perspectives, and taking those perspectives and using them to make change in the world around you.

I also have other hobbies, non-political related such as listening to music, roller blading/skating, and hanging out with friends.

Being nice and honest is my best policy for my life pursuit, but not at the expense of other people’s happiness. Being wise enough to reach for your hand and touch your heart and sole , therefore not taking chances or wasting time in trying to live your life while it lasts, trying to please others, when the truth is you can’t please everyone at the same time .
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