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by Branson Shao, Malawi Oct 29, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Education   Opinions
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To be specific, I believe that the way our global society interacts today is guided primarily by ethics. For certain, ethics distinguishes if people are right or wrong by way of condemnation towards certain activities. Ethics has divided people into races; war has resulted; and people have been forced to abide by the ethical society. Thus, betraying their natural freedom, they go to kill, punish, and deny anything that opposes the decree of ethics.

Allow me to share with you a story, though it is common, our focused attention needs to be on it...

John’s mom and dad always shout at him every time if he has forgotten to clean his room, or do his everyday chores of sweeping the surroundings of their house. “You little bull, do you need me to be reminding you every day about your chores? Quickly go and make your bed; when you come back from school, directly go to clean the surroundings."

John could not do anything more than just obey everything that his parents needed him to do, nor could he resist the name he was given, “the bull”, because since he was a little boy, his father used to buy him some little bull toys to play with. “Don’t talk to strangers, they will steal your bulls away.” Whenever they would leave the house, they would repeat the same words, leaving John playing with his little toys. When he cried, they would just bring him a bull doll to appease him.

One-day, john discovered a method of dealing with his parents and their regular shouting towards him: “I will not clean the surroundings. Or make my bed, even when they say that I will not be able to take lunch as a punishment of failing to do my every day chores- and I will not mind either.” John thought to himself.

Later on the next day, he did as he had planned, while his parents as usual repeated the same words. John proudly thought to himself, “I have won, for that’s what I planned to do. You will face me today mom and dad.” Off he went.

His parents, after learning what John had done, became even more furious at him: they later added another punishment; “John you need to be more cooperative. Do whatever we tell you. Be a good son and we will love you. if you will not be cooperative enough, we will continue punishing you. What kind of a bad bull do you want to become? Not cleaning your surroundings and failing to make your bed! We will hate you John if you will not change. Next time, if you act like this again, just know that you will be sleeping outside of our house. We do not want rude children here, right!” They imposed another punishment on him.

John the bull became even more miserable.He took his bull toys with him, and shed tears, remaining lonely in his room. He could not go to ask for help from other people; how could he talk to strangers, who would steal his only friends? How miserable will it be? More “painful” he thought, “well, I will find a solution. I will only pursue this till the point that one day I will be compelled to sleep outside - well it’s a good experience, I will try it one day.”

The other day he thought, “I will not mind sleeping outside today. It's summer and hot, why should I make my bed and clean my surroundings? In fact, I sold one of my bulls to my school mate today, so I can buy something for lunch and dinner for myself. Why bother?” Off he was to arrange his plan, and everything happened according to how he had wanted it to. He took his bull toys with him to amuse himself that night.

His parents were now enraged with fury, but still imposed one more punishment on John. He knew nothing other than being punished for every mistake he made, and he did not understad why he should make his bed and clean the surroundings all of the time. With no friends, he had not learned to give, but to sell his things to strangers; and protect his dolls from strangers, who would certainly steal them if left unguarded. Thus, what a grown up John the bull became from such an ethical family; and what they (his parents) called raising a child.

Nowadays people are trying to create a global village, where by one head man will reign in power. It will reduce races to one clan; there will be no more thoughts of empowering the other; no strangers; or no racists, for we will be all neighbors and friends.

In my brief explanation, I can tell that this ethicalism has improved our society so much, and enabled us to live in the present world. For example, the growth of science and technology has improved significantly; thereby, giving modern knowledge for today's living. Science and technology has also imposed all sorts of rules to reduce the divided world that used to exist some decades of years ago.

Through ethics people shared the same goals and the same views, as well as have been able to interact internationally. More over, science and technology have digested alot of superstitious tendencies, which strongly influenced humanity in all forms, and contributed to the better, ethical world of today.

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