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Little Senegalese Girl Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Fa Sy, United States Oct 23, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Culture   Poetry


Little Senegalese girl on the streets, don’t cry
Coz one day everything's gonna be alright
She is only 8 years old but she’s got woman hands
On her shoulders lies the future of an entire land
Everyday, to bring water to her family, she walks miles and miles
On her pretty face never lays a smile
Everyday, she learns more and more about life
From how to cook, how to love, how to give, to simple things as how to be a good wife
Everyday, she skips school coz she's too poor to attend
Everyone runs away when she wants to be their friend
Rich kids look at her with a nasty grin
They don’t know that true wealth comes from within
One day she will find her freedom from that cage
One day she will find out that this was just a stage
Life is about passing over bumper hills
Learning the hard way and standing still
Someday she might be more than she ever thought
Because certain things in life can’t be bought
So little Senegalese girl on the streets, don’t cry
One day everything's gonna be alright...



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Fa Sy

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Samori Sombel Sy | Oct 25th, 2005
Am very impressed and absolutly proud to see my senegalese sister, and toucouleur sister for that matter write such touching lines. I was shivering when i read this one lol.

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