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Love Your Neighbour Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Enyinna Onwusonye, Nigeria Oct 21, 2005
Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Opinions


The quote “love your neighbour…as you love yourself” has been my favourite quote since I begin to understand world events. It is a commandment from God, through Jesus Christ.

I can state every place in the bible where love is mentioned. Love is word that appears in so many places in the bible. It appears more than other words like faith and hope. I think this goes to show the importance of the word love! The place where I think we all should concentrate on is in the book of Matthew chapter 22 from verse 34 to 40. I won’t start to go into details but I want you all to check it out.

I also believe that no religion preaches hatred. I want to believe that all true religions base their preaching on love. This commandment, if followed, can put an end to all man-made negativities on earth. Just take a minute and reminisce on a world with love, a world where love flows abundantly. Imagine a world without hate, a world without fear, a world where love controls things a world where nobody harms his neighbour. There will be no more war, no more fear and no more fighting. This is the world that God wants us to live in! I am talking about a world of peace, a world of opportunities and a world filled with joy. I am speaking of a world where you can walk anywhere at anytime, a world where you’ll never get hurt and a world where no human violence occurs. This is a world like paradise.

Maybe I’m painting a picture that you think can never become reality. Until Christ returns, maybe I’m just fantasizing. Believe me when I say that we can make it possible. If every single one of us were to just follow the law I know that we can make it! If every one of us were to start to show love to our neighbour, I know we can make it!

Just as that old saying that “charity begins at home” goes, so should love. Love should start from your home and from your self. You don’t expect villages loving their neighbouring villages nor do you expect tribes loving other tribes. You don’t expect love to suddenly be between states nor do you expect countries to start loving other countries. You don’t expect love to suddenly be in the world!

It has to start from you! If you love yourself, then you can love someone just the way you love yourself and than the world will be filled with love. Love yourself and show love to your spouse and your immediate family. Teach them how to love! Your kids will automatically get used to it and they will show love wherever they go. They will show love just the way their parents taught them to, they’ll love others the way they love themselves. If every parent does this and every child learns this then you must believe it that the world and its next generation will be a world of love! We just have to be positive here, it is possible!



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Enyinna Onwusonye

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