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by sophie, Canada Oct 18, 2005
Human Rights   Short Stories


As she drifts patiently upon this earth, waiting for something real to fall upon herself, it arrives unexpectedly. It exists beyond the flesh, within the energy that is now born. The red flag boldly appears blinding her from all else. It allures and draws her nearer. It surrounds her with hope and desire which fills her with undying passion. The distance that separates her from the target exasperates her and begins to tempt her until all that she is left to do is charge. Charge with all of her might through the ravaging winds and endless mountains. She charges through the grungy trenches of darkness and the hazy fog of every rainstorm. The red flag will be distinguishable through any deterrent and her force will no longer be human. It will charge endlessly until the boundary is run down.

It charges through poverty, child soldiers, the arrogant rich and the blindness toward life’s true purpose. Through the lack of justice and inequality, it rips right through greed and the hunger for power. It charges through disloyalty and dishonesty but more brashly through the weakness that brings them upon. For the families that have been broken and the solitude that it has created, it takes no rest. It charges through the bloodshed of past wars and genocides which have proved to be invalid and inefficient in its solving.

It charges through lack of character and disbelief in someone’s ability to thrive. It strikes the causes of failed dreams where the reach was not far enough extended. It goes beyond man made boundaries and limits which are set for humankind. There will no longer be constraints from a striving passion and this will lead to a life of fullness.

This might charges through neglect and abuse that leaves a child frightened from kindred. It charges through the shattering family ties whose members chose to turn their backs on each other rather then toward each other for guidance through this endless battle. It attacks the pages of media which captures man’s senses into a craving for superficial satisfaction. Humanity will no longer be drawn away, furthering itself from what really matters. It charges through fears that do nothing but hold men back and overthrows down those who looked down on the self believer. It destroys idleness and allows one to find eagerness and craze for the journey of life.

This energy wipes out fakes smiles, phony laughter and one’s way of living to impress. It charges through shameful faults and hated imperfections. It beats down the obsession for excessiveness, forgotten worth and failed compassion. It drives beyond the surrendering to deceiving expectations and the path of failing to truly live.

Beyond the shadows of humankind’s past, the floods of distressed tears, and the fighting for one's worth, it exists. The perseverance that she enabled and refused to shut out released the strength. It explores the purities, tastes the cravings, fulfills the buried dreams and challenges the unheard triumphs. On its own it discovered itself, released from what it was as to not keep it from what it is becoming. It is charging into a utopia that tears away all acceptance of impiety. The force is clear from lack of life.



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