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Sorry 2005 Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Joseph-Peter, Australia Oct 17, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Another chance is what I ask for; please do not look at this with a glance. I know that this is hard for you to comprehend but I only hope that you will take my hand. I am not giving you my hand, am only hoping that you would take it, by giving I would be allowing conditions to come in, but by hoping that you take it, It will only allowing your will to come in. I base all this in ‘hope’ because there is nothing more I can do about it apart from offering myself at your mercy. You don’t have to accept my offered hand, just know that my offer will always stand, for you are love, the love of my life.

Its 12pm now, I am hitting my last note in Sorry 2004; am writing my last sentence in Sorry 2005.

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Writer Profile

A wise man once told me that there are only two best weapons that you can have in this world: a pen and your mouth. The good thing about these two weapons is that they don't run out of ammunition, unless you decide to stop firing. That ammunition is words.

I am a person who is vocal but I have come to know that when I write about something, I write it with total consideration and commitment, more so than I do when talking. I have a passion for writting. I believe that scripts are capable of changing lives of many - including the author.

I trust in words and as long as I play with them in the right way, they are able to get me either into or out of any situation.

Let words battle it out for you.

Akinbo, Adebunmi Adeola | Oct 26th, 2005
via words !

david mbitu | Mar 11th, 2008
Nice and very creative, Wish I could borrow a leaf from you. Hope to read more of your work

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