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The Nigerian Youth and Politics Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Chatter For Change, Nigeria Oct 15, 2005
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


Nigerian youths have lost hope and confidence in our present leaders. While some youth are trying to emancipate and empower youth in the right direction others, who called themselves members of the Peoples Democratic Party Youths Vanguard (PDPYV), are dragging youth into partisan politics. Youth are seen as part one and part two of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who known as being full of deceit and liars who are ready to strike no matter the condition.

People Democratic Party Youths Vanguard (PDPYV) is plugging youth in the wrong direction. This is a time where youth should count their losses and try to regain an ideal of democracy. In particular, the youth involved in the Movement for Youth Actualization (MYAI) is sympathizing with Nigerian citizens on the last election. This election has been characterized as being full of bloodshed and a rigged election from the Presidency and local Government elections by People Democratic Party (PDP), the current ruling party.

The People Democratic Party Youths Vanguard (PDPYV) has been feeding off these people while strongly influencing other youth. Nemesis is catching up with Chris Ngige and Chris Uba, his political Godfather. Governor Chris Ngige is an Actor and Chris Uba is a Boss so why not let them fight their battle. On the one hand, Nigege is trying to impress the people of Anambra state with projects and prompt payment of salaries. On the other hand, Chris Uba is doing everything possible to remove Governor Chris Ngige from the Government House. After reaping what he had not bargained for he openly made a confession to the President Olusegun Obasanjo that Governor Chris Ngige did not win election in Anambra state. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should be able to publicize the fact that Chris Ngige did not win election. I would advise that Yusuf Ahmed, National Coordinator of the People Democratic Party Youths Vanguard (PDPYV), should rethink and face reality. It is obvious that the party, which is championing, rigged election. Governor Orji Kalu made this clear in one of his interview with, www.nigeriavillagesquare.com Sowore Omoyele Tuesday, March 08, 2005. If anyone is saying that people who did not win the election should resign, it should be Obasanjo first followed by Wabara and others. I think they are just witch-hunting Ngige because they don’t know what to do with Chris Uba.
Orji Kalu's Interview:
As a youth and member of the Movement for Youth Actualization International we are committed to repositioning our youth. Counting stocks and making progress, we wish not to be incorporated in politics that is not true, politics that is biased and full of hatred. Nigerian youths at home and abroad should braze up with the challenge and eliminate any bloodsucking state by those who are paid or sponsored in the name of youths. If I may ask Ahmed Yusuf, what makes him wade into the Anambra state crisis in the name of youths that is the People Democratic Party Youths Vanguard (PDPYV)? Youths in the present time have come to their senses and are ready to take the bull by the horn. In Niger Delta, for instance, youth are not ready to fight themselves but are sporting out the enemies and resisting them with are their mite and strength.

Why is it that Ahmed Yusuf is so interested in Anambra crisis? He is from South east? He should think of making good use of his talent as youth, we need people like him to advocate for youth so that youth will regain their status quo. Resurrecting the Nigerian youth from this present state of youth restiveness, joblessness and empowering them for the future should be our strong. Also the opportunity of sending imputes to the National Political Reform Conference Bureau (CONFAB) to position Nigeria youths in all it takes to bring them into economic and social values these are the things that directly affects youth.

Nigerian youth cannot sit-back and watch some self-seeking people explore the youths for their own selfish interesting. I call on all youth to resist them and make sure they are not used against us by those power-drunk politicians who are ready to stick to power at all cost not minding the condition and circumstances it may take.

I will end by advising Ahmed Yusuf to rethink what he is doing. He should work with other faithful Nigerian youth who are committed to the liberalization and up lifting of the soul and spirit of youth. The strength and energies of our youth needs to be directed in more purposeful and productive ventures.
Enough is enough! Nigerian youth are ready to take their destiny by their hands. Youth should not accept peanuts from any politician. Our integrity needs to be demonstrated to the world and it needs to be understood that no amount of money will make us sell our conscience. We need to bury the idiotic attitudes of any Naira and Kobo that come our way.



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Writer Profile
Chatter For Change

I am Waive o. Benjamin. the principal founder of the charter For Change with headquarters in Ebonyi State University in Nigeria. Waive Benjamin has also served as the president of the scripture union fellowship on campus several times. as well as the president general of the Urhobo student union in Ebonyi state Nigeria. I am also an author of two books.
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