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Alis15 - My Mission Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Victoria, Russia Oct 14, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Technology   Poetry


My mission: rescue of my future and search of a safe place on the Earth.

Our society speculates with my youth (in 30 years both I and you we shall not be necessary to a society as the last year's grass will bring up new).

The poverty, terrorism, pollution of a nature, ruin of cities is a hysterics of the leaders, which justify worthless expenditure of my time and riches created by my ancestors.

The society is unable to balance ecology of the man
(Optimum place of life and seasonal migration, food circuits, recycling of a solar energy and its fruits).

Ideology of Poverty - competitiveness - pushes you to riches, which cannot be used with pleasure, provokes crimes and at the end deprives life of sense and happiness.

I do not want to take part - to establish a mode, to struggle, to rescue or to save. Availability of an information exchange, (everyone decides itself) not the largest evil.

I want to live in the Pacific Ocean on a sailing yacht and to meet you on the next regatta.

I shall change a place of game and I shall receive new rules.

The second life parallel, as the prevention (warning) and paid by the losers.

I shall change a place of game and I shall receive new rules.
Interesting idea: for ePoint System users
The values of our dialogue both impulses will get a reality and adequacy.
To the users.
The sea community will be attractive to youth of the continental countries, which умерят the ambitions.
There will be ports and shipyards .где each young man can get a yacht the single, that further to create family.

In the XXIst Century, Earth experiences an invasion of aliens on unprecedented scale. Enormous numbers of apparently civilized creatures are swarming the planet, working or studying far away from their homes

It is job on competition



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