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We are Proud We are Black Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Osaretin, Nigeria Oct 12, 2005
Culture , Sports , Human Rights   Poetry


You are not me
You are you
I am me
You cannot be me
Let me be me

I hate these people
They are not me
They do not want me to be me
They want me to be them
Then who will be me?

They feel they are perfect
I should be perfect
Excellence is perfection
No, excellence is not perfection
Let me be me

They are white but I am black
They discriminate against me because I am black
They want me to become white
They even made cream to bleach and becomes white
They do not want to be black, let me be me

They forget God loves variety
So He made white and black
They forget white or black is on the surface
We are neither white nor black on the inside
They are not me, let me be me

They have their culture
We have our culture
Should we practice their culture and leave ours
What would happen to ours?
You are not me, let me be me

We have diverse cultures
They might cause conflicts
They also have their strength
They are beauty if understood and harmonized
Therefore, you be you and me be me



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Writer Profile

I am a lover of science and Information technology. Reading, surfing the net and singing are my hobbies. Born out of my inquisitive mind to know more about science and IT, I surfed the web to discover takingITglobal. I like it and I know I have to belong to have information to feed my curious mind which is always asking a question.
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