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by Henry Ekwuruke, Nigeria Oct 11, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Technology   Opinions
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T- Teacher
A- Attitudes
K- Knowledge
I- Initiatives
N- Needs
G- Globalization
I- Information
T- Technology
G- Global Citizens
L- Leaders
O- Online
B- Building Bridges
A- Alliance
L- Language/ Localization.

Teacher: TakingITGlobal is a great teacher of all times for our lucky generation. The educational forums and papers and resources are unlimited and are great sources of knowledge to members and young people all over the world. Visiting www.takingitglobal.org is learning from a teacher of all subjects.

Attitudes: TakingITGlobal’s members are people of character. Pride and dynamic attitudes are formed and nurtured through TakingITGlobal and that makes this community unique and one of the best.

Knowledge: Knowledge is power and education is central in the development of the world. The knowledge acquired through TakingITGlobal is amazing. It is comprehensible and is the kind of knowledge required by our age, that is the “know all knowledge”.

Initiatives: Initiatives are TakingITGlobal’s policy threads and projects are for the betterment of the world. Its community is a place to be when you need to know more about world’s initiatives and what young people are doing world wide for improvement.

Needs: The problems and needs of the world are unending, the Millennium Development Goal’s (MDGs) achievement and sharing of needs by people are characteristic factors at TakingITGlobal. Empowering the underpowered and partnering to solve the needs of a particular community as TakingITGlobal gives such opportunities, especially the needs of Africans who are limited!

Globalization: The unseen force to immediate! The world as a global village is very realistic in TakingITGlobal’s platform. The exchange of ideas, opinions and finding solutions with people of different nationalities and knowing what is going on around the world is what makes TakingITGlobal tick.

Information: Staying informed is a major challenge to our world today. There are many opportunities but people are not available to take the opportunities because they are not properly educated. Getting informed and staying up to date is one of the major reasons people come to TakingITGlobal. Its wonderful connections and information on local, national and international affairs is endless providing visitors with information on current and past events, news, discussions, scholarships and grants. Join in on the TakingITGlobal movement, it is information unlimited!

Technology: In a world of technology the power that one can gain through an organization like TakingITGlobal is relentless. TakingITGlobal.org is an enabler! It is the best technology site and the best online youth community.

Global Citizen: Joining TakingITGlobal means that you are automatically becoming a global citizen. A global citizen is a citizen of the world; from Nigeria I become a citizen of Canada under the umbrella of TakingITGlobal organization. It is real!

Leadership: TakingITGlobal is a leader’s platform or future leader’s community. What you derive from this community can make you a great leader in the world. TakingITGlobal has everything you need to make you a better leader. Just activate it here and see, participate, commit and you will lead, it is a magic!

Online: Tracking down every term without saying something about online can mean saying nothing at all because this community is online. TakingITGlobal welcomes you as an online visitor in the world’s fastest growing and largest online community.

Building Bridges: TakingITGlobal builds bridges. Architects and engineers cannot build better! These types of bridges are greater, bridges of the digital divide and the bridges of friendship. All people can be involved and participate no matter the race, colour, religion, nationality or language.

Alliance: When we talk about alliance at TakingITGlobal, we are referring to the unlimited ability of TakingITGlobal to connect different people and organizations. TakingITGlobal has provided many alliances for youth involvement in projects, organizations and connections to partners in development and empowerment of people to empower their communities.

Language/Local: TakingITGlobal is dynamic and social by name and nature. Languages can make people feel accepted, interested and involved. With more than 100 languages of the world at use in their platform and also with their site translated in French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Yoruba everybody is invited. Localization, which is a very prime function in development, is taken into consideration as TakingITGlobal members are encouraged to localize through organizing forums to discuss issues like HIV/AIDS and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) and to work on finding solutions, educating people and making suggestions at a local level in their mother tongue.

TakingITGlobal is a platform for all. Welcome to TakingITGlobal!

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Writer Profile
Henry Ekwuruke

Henry Ekwuruke is Executive Director of the Development Generation Africa International.
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