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Immigration Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by mitch, Australia Sep 18, 2002
Human Rights , Culture   Opinions


I am going to write about people coming to Australia to live, and what I think should happen.
Firstly, I believe that people coming to live in Australia, should have to learn English (if they don't speak it already) making it easier for people to communicate with them. When people around me sometimes talk in another language, I find it rude.
Secondly, people should work for their money, except if they are retired or cannot find a job.
Thirdly, I think that if people have lived in Australia for about a year, they should consider applying for Australian citizenship. Furthermore, I think that everyone moving to Australia should have the same rights as us, not better, not worse, and people should not be judged by what race they are, but by who they are. I feel that such matters should be applied not just to Australia, but also to other countries in the world. I would be interested to hear other people’s opinions on this topic as feedback is always good.
Thank you!



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Raymond M. Kristiansen | Nov 1st, 2003
I guess it would all be good if we all just spoke one language, right? ;) Seriously speaking, tho, I do not know if I support your offendedness if someone around me speaks in another language. However, if they live here, and have been doing so for a long time, I do expect them to be able to understand the language of our country, and to express themselves. It does not have to be perfect, of course, but basic conversation should be possible. A problem for so many immigrants coming here to Norway, however, is that we Norwegians are so good at English that we would rather like to show these talents to them, so we just talk to them in English and thus it becomes convenient, and they have less chances of actually learning Norwegian... hehe. Oh well, such is life :) Norwegian is a very small language; it only got about 4 million users or so.

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