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Happiness is a Choice Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by TOPH, Philippines Sep 29, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Sports   Opinions
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You can see a glass of water as either half full or half empty.
Some ghosts that are observed come into being as a projection of a negative thought. Sometimes we create our own demons without knowing it. I was haunted by my own demons in the past because of choices I have made. I was angry at society for the inequality that I saw in it, later I realized that it was actually the devil's way of deceiving me. I was made to look at society with anger in my heart, this anger created these demons. Although my intention was to create balance in the system the one I am thinking of creates a lot of sorrow among people. Before, there was this Alumni of the Chinese Student Association that told me that for every change that is made in society there is a lot of blood shed. I thought that in order to make things equal and in order to give everyone an opportunity we must kill the selfish interest of the few. I chose to be angry at people who intimidate others by means of their material possessions that are of familial descent. I get so angry whenever I feel that these people have intimidated me. Up until now I have wondered whether I have to kill a lot of beings in order to create new life, God forbid that I should not, this is against the principles. I am bothered by the idea of balance.

When I was in High School I started a publication that mobilized my fellow first years because the seniors wouldn’t give us the opportunity to write in the High School publication that already existed. It was anger that allowed me to direct a group of people. The same as goodness there is evil in every man. Tapping into this evil allows one to command the other and this is the very strategy used by activists. They agitate the people to the point that they no longer think and they are controlled by their own emotion, their subconscious and their own demons. Although I am able to accomplish things using this emotion, like being focused in what I do, inside I was never successful. This is because; I just allow the devil to take control of me. Although I am the one awarded, it was the devil who was the happiest of all my accomplishments and this is because such awards made me feel superior. I have become a person who has a strong Inferiority complex. It is as if I want people to mock me all the time. From their mocking I get my anger, from this anger a flame is lit and my spirit is allowed to take control. Some psychics can use fear and anger, as they are powerful sources of energy that come from within. Why are these emotions never good to use in such a way? Is it because of the fact that they will always follow another principle? This is "what you sow is what you will reap" means. If I plant anger towards the heart of people, there is no way that I will be able to reap love and one will never be a success if he chooses darkness over light. It is like choosing before one is born if he wants to be born blind or with eyes.

What makes someone successful in life is when he feels happy. The good news is that being happy is a choice and is not brought about by any circumstances. They say that how we react to circumstances is all that matters. Some people think that they are sad because of their dark past. The only way to get over one's dark past is to choose to be enlightened. Listen to Disney songs or any happy melody and you will see. Those who are afraid of the paranormal suppress their fear, not realizing that it is not ghosts that are haunting them but rather it is they are choosing to be afraid and that is creating stress in their daily existence.

I realized that I don't need any person to be my source of happiness. When we fall in love we are never happy with the person but rather with the idea of love itself. All the while I though that I could never live without seeing her, I am so pathetic to feel this way. She was never there during my childhood and I managed to live and succeed in life without her. Why would I need her in my life now? Is it because I am in love with her? I believe that she is still part of who I am only that I now see her within me. I do believe that she is God's answer to my prayer. You see, it is when someone has torn your heart into two but you still continue to appreciate that person and to be happy about what you feel that makes all the difference. When I learned to love the feeling rather than possess the person, I felt so much power within me. I realized that I shouldn't have cried all those nights hoping that she will hear me. She might have heard me through telepathy or something but you'll just acquire some diseases if you keep on crying too much. I now feel that I can always communicate with her if I want to and that I just have to look from within me and see the light. She will always be there, in my heart.

Inspiration comes from the word "in" meaning inside and "pyre" meaning flame. This implies that there is a flame coming from within. We choose to allow that flame to burn inside our heart or to cease its existence with our tears. When we want to feel inspired we just need to look from within ourselves and allow that flame to burn inside us. Remember that it is our way of thinking that makes us feel inspired. Why fill our minds with negative thoughts when we can think of inspiring ideas that will help us to achieve our goals in life?

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Since 2003 I've been an active contributor of Panorama. I am grateful for this online magazine for allowing individuals to be able to share their ideas and expression to other youth across the globe. Exchanges of ideas and aspirations leads to empowerment and spark of inspiration.

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