by christopher bernardo
Published on: Sep 29, 2005
Type: Opinions

Satan will come to you in a form you least expected.

Satan is beauty to the point of undermining attitude. Beauty is an effect that can be altered. Someone used to say that one should not try to please others; it is enough that one is pleasant. Satan comes into being when one started to cultivate his outside appearance in order to please others and began to forget to nourish his own attitude. Satan is usually portrayed as being an ugly beast with its sharp and dirty teeth ready to devour any of its preys but Satan is more beautiful than one can ever imagine and it is a beauty that tends to forget our very own self. One may look so beautiful in his appearance; based on what society's criteria of beauty but if his attitude hides something awful it will come out in time. When the time comes no amount of make up or foundation can hide his ugliness. It is always wiser to look at the beauty within rather than what your eyes see as sometimes our very eyes deceive us. When a person is courting someone he always puts his best foot forward, wearing clothes that will make him look better, later when he gets married his repressed self comes into being. This is the reason for several marriage break ups. A lot of people hide the Satan in them instead of nourishing their own natural goodness. There is nothing wrong in being beautiful but we should not focus on it. It is better that we feel beauty by being pleasant rather than being beautiful but to be filled with pride. Remember, we are all God's creation and we are all perfect and beautiful. We do not need to please other people we should just be pleasant. One should only nourish his own attitude and true Beauty will manifest itself.

Satan is pleasure to the point of undermining feelings. "Why can something that feels so good be so wrong?" This is a popular expression heard from teenagers who does premarital sex. I have known of someone who was abused by his boyfriend. She said that her boyfriend seems to view her as a sex object. In her own words, she describes herself as "a juke box and that whenever her boyfriend wants he can insert a coin for her to play music". The coin is in the form of a treat in expensive restaurants or threat that he will leave her. For females who have already had experienced such with their boyfriends it is hard to leave them because they already have been emotionally attached to them. The music is in the form of the satisfaction that is derived after inserting the coin. Of course, she feels pleasure but then she feels sorrow that her boyfriend forgets that she also has feelings. She found her boyfriend because she never experienced the love of a father for her father has always been busy. Pleasure becomes more evil when some people forget that they are already deriving pleasure from their very own kin. I know someone who was abused by her father who said that it often left her feeling confused. At that time she was in disbelief that her father could do such an act to her because she has place high regards for her father. She has waited for her father for fourteen years and has envied her classmates that attended family reunions with their father only to realize that her father is overruled by Satan.

Satan is self-preservation to the point of destroying others. "Wars starts in the minds of men, it is also in the mind that peaceful resolutions can be made." This is a part of one of the speeches made by Kofi Annan, Secretary General at United Nations. Nations have declared war over other nations because they wanted to preserve their territory; they seem to forget that there is but one world that we all live in and that we are all children of God. Self-preservation is naturally good. We need to survive but if our survival will mean the demise of more of our kinds then it is better for us to cease from existing. Sometimes there is really no reason for arguments or for any of the killings but we just feel insecure that the other person will harm us first that is why we would like to be the first one to strike. This happens only when we have a negative thinking of whom we are that is reflected to us by society. Therefore, if we always feel threatened it is because we also want to harm others. That there is this anger or fear that we have kept in years that are now ripe for revenge. The reason for arguments is that we tend to focus more on personality instead of understanding that we only have the same vision and that vision is God.

Satan is power to the point of undermining the weak. "We should not be afraid of what we can do. We should always use our capacity as a tool and not something to be afraid of." This was cited by Nelson Mandela to inspire the African people to believe in their capacity to make use of their strength in advancing their nation. It is not power rather the greediness for such that creates conflicts. I believe that the more power we have the greater our responsibility to use such to benefit other people. It should not be the other way around.

Satan is happiness to the point of undermining those who mourn. This is similar to the earlier example of being insensitive to the feelings of others. Although it is a choice to be happy, that one can choose to be happy in any circumstances, one should not joke on the sad feelings felt by other people. When a person is wounded it is but a natural tendency for the flesh to bleed. When our eyes are covered with dirt it is but a natural tendency to cry. The emotions that we experience allow us to feel life. It is said that in pain there is relief. Satan is those who undermine the feelings of others, those who are insensitive and those who do not want to understand. These are people who do not know who they are and their happiness is not a choice which they have made but rather it is a superficial expression that hides its intention of mocking other people. There is a lot of this Satan out there so be careful that you may not end up as one of them.

Satan is love to the point of being obsessed. Love is God. Loving someone or something to the point of wanting to possess it is never good. We have to be polite when dealing with other people and respect their personality. Love only to the point that you like the person and you accept the fact that you are ready to give her up or share with other people that she maybe appreciated by more people. It is like a flower that one should never pluck from the ground, a flower in the hand will wither. When it is left alone more travelers are able to appreciate its beauty. It is said that if you really love someone you have to learn to let her go. This may prove to be disheartening but that is the only way to really show her how much you appreciate her.

Beauty, pleasure, self-preservation, power, happiness and love should come from within. If we always search from the outside then we are near to loosing ourselves and giving Satan the opportunity to take control of our life. Satan can be defeated by acknowledging that we are already perfect and that we need not to eat the apple of wisdom in order to know more. We need not need because we already have. We just have to recognize that God dwells within us for our body is the temple of God. Immanuel, God is within.

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