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Living with Choices Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by TOPH, Philippines Sep 29, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions
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LLife is all about the choices that we made.
Keeping this in mind, one should not use the excuse that he made a decision because so and so told him to. Some people say that they cannot tell their boyfriends to stop having sex with them, while others continue to be afraid of what their parents are going to say. These are examples of why we never really grow. We always limit ourselves with what others might say or how other people will view us. This really pisses me off. You have in you that capacity to make a difference in your life. There is a God in you who can take in control but you allow the demons in this world to control you.

You have a choice. The more you don't exercise that choice, the more you allow other people to exercise it for you. Do you want to be manipulated by people? You might say, "well as long as I'm not alone its ok.” Yet you turn to forget that you are never alone. God is always there for you, inside you. You just need to listen to him and you will understand. Remember, everything in life is all about the probabilities, but it will remain that way unless you make a decision. The things that are certain are the things that you decide to be as such. Your decision, the choices that you'll make, should however be grounded by principles.

The cat is both dead and alive; this is what the Schrödinger equation, as discussed by Michael Talbot, talks about. Correlating this example with what you are right now, I will have to say that you are both dead and alive! You are both happy and sad. You are both afraid and courageous. Everything in you will always be somewhere in between, everything will just be probabilities until you decide.

The journey is more important than the destination. Be grounded on the here and now. Do not think of what you will do tomorrow. Live your life here and now. Do your best today. Do have a vision but live your life as if you are already in that vision. You have to begin in order to finish something. In examinations, written exams, our teachers always remind us to read the instructions. This is where we begin. The choices that we make in a multiple examination are base on the instruction. The answers that we give are base on the things that we have studied. We don't answer "1+1" with 3. The answer will always be "2" no matter what and we have to choose "2" because this is what the principles of mathematics taught us.

One of the hardest choices I made is to be convicted with what I believe in. To stand firm everyone will just mock you with your belief. Later did I realize, it was not the hardest, rather it was the simplest choice I ever made.

Society created a system for idiots. They don't want people to think, that's why a lot of us never understood the "Why's" of life. Sister Maria Lourdes, a nun I was able to talk with, reminded me of what St. Thomas Aquinas encountered when she told me the story of a young boy who was trying to put all the waters of the sea into a small hole in the sand. Thomas Aquinas said to the boy that he can not put all the waters from the sea into that single hole. The boy answered him and told him that this is the same case, that you cannot put all the wisdom of God into your mind. I believe that the reason why the boy said this is not to discourage Aquinas to learn rather to accept that he already has that wisdom of God in him and that the only thing he needs to do is to understand. Ernest Holmes attested to this idea when he said that that same water have within it same components, same properties as that water in the sea. You just need to look closer and know that they are of the same quality and understand its property. Maybe this is what is lacking with most of the people, understanding. Early minds viewed the world before as flat. Later, it was a person who chose to say that the world is round that made all the difference in how other people will view things. At that point in time his ideas were immortalized because of what he chose to believe. He chose to believe in the things that are based on principles. This is the very reason why I can never understand someone by looking at her personalities or the person who has pretended that they understood her. I have to understand, look at the same properties that are within me so that I may know her. I remember her saying "If one of my classmates in High School were here he would tell you that we are just the same." If we really want to understand people then we have to let go of our pride and of our personality and then we can see through the heart of people.

How about the controversial topic of Faith? Is it wise to deal with this topic? Some people will say to avoid it because a lot of people have different belief systems. I believe that the reason for the differences in belief system is that we chose to believe that this is the case. I believe that there is only one mind and that mind is God, the principle behind all things. It is the cause but it is just manifested in its effects which are the religions that we now have but we must remember that beliefs and an effect can be altered. This is the same explanation why different religions have conventions in order to alter the effect of this religion. But let us focus more on faith rather than religion and we will really know God. Faith after all is a personal relationship with God. Thus being personal, there is the element of choice. Why do we keep ourselves tempted from time to time by what the snake in the Garden of our Eden is telling us? Why can we not just obey God and follow his principles. This is because we have the Freewill to decide to choose. We just don't make that choice most of the time that is why we end up disobeying Him.

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Since 2003 I've been an active contributor of Panorama. I am grateful for this online magazine for allowing individuals to be able to share their ideas and expression to other youth across the globe. Exchanges of ideas and aspirations leads to empowerment and spark of inspiration.

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