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The Youth - Untapped Potential For Social Change Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Himakshi, India Sep 28, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Human Rights   Opinions


With the rapidly changing political-economic scenario the world over, new conflict areas are surfacing in every sphere of societal activity making the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) a distant dream. However it remains to be noted that the youth hold tremendous potential for bringing about remarkable social change with far greater efficacy than any other population in society. Yet this golden reservoir remains largely untapped. Most present day issues such as AIDS, poverty etc. can be resolved to quite some extent if the youth power is effectively channeled in the right direction. It has been observed that most reform/relief work suffers at the level of implementation largely due to the lack of dynamic and efficient human resource at the executive level. The youth hold the key to this problem as well.

The need of the hour is, thus, to mobilize the participation of youth in both national and global political-economic scenario and the social scenario on a large scale. But the task is easier said than done.

In the past the youth have been snubbed by society at many levels. They have been constantly reminded that they are a bunch of directionless, irresponsible, self-absorbed people who need to grow up.

As a result a large number of youth today wear the attitude of “I don’t care” on their faces towards most of the world problems. They have been made to believe that they are not capable enough of making a difference as it is, so why bother? They shrug off responsibility because most of the time they lack the confidence to actually justify the expectations that come along. Such negative treatment from society has made the youth of today a rebellious generation that is clearly wasting its potential on trivial matters while the world suffers from a huge deficit of capable human resources.

We, as a society need to reach out to the youth and place our confidence in them. We need to make them realize that taking responsibility gives them the power to change, and at the same time, assure them that they are indeed very much capable of shouldering the responsibility of changing the world scenario for the better with their broad-minded receptivity and dynamism. We need to guide them firmly, but with a gentle hand, into focusing their efforts, all the while reaffirming their inherent talents and abilities, by helping them become aware and alert citizens. Thus we would be able to channel this immense power resource towards creating a better world and maybe in the near future achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) as well.

If nothing more then let’s instill in them a drive to be a better person each day. It would be like a like a drop in the ocean...but then again, the ocean would be one drop less without it. Let us place our faith in today’s youth and watch with pride as they stride ahead with confidence, taking the lead in making the world a better place through their small but very original and significant ways.



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