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An Article has Changed My Life Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Pham Thanh Nhon, Vietnam Sep 18, 2005
Education , Technology   Opinions


Hi all friends!

My name is Nhon and I am 21 years old. I was born in Buon Ma Thuot city of Daklak province, Vietnam where I spent about 18 years. After graduating from high school, my parents wanted to see if I was certified by their desirable university – Banking University. They forced my dreams to follow their demand. I knew that if I refused to obey them that they would be very disappointed in me. Therefore, I had to accept their orders and follow their dreams for me.

It was at this time that I found myself reading a local magazine and learned about the concept of a youth forum and the various activities going on all over world. The story was about a girl from Ha Noi who had just returned from a World Youth Forum. She participated in an international forum discussing issues concerning youth such as lack of education, culture conflict, and job seeking. It was the first time that I had ever read an article like this and I became greatly inspired.

Until reading the article, I had never heard of young people in the world having a space to share their feelings, opinions and dreams.

“Who am I?”, “Where am I standing?”, “What have I done?” I have always found myself asking questions and in the end feeling hopeless about my-self.
You know, most Vietnamese pupils and students don’t know exactly what they want to do, what they want to become and how can they do make things happen!
Me too!
Oh! I felt as though everything was nothing and that if I don’t change the way to live, I’ll never break out of this boring life.
I realized that I had to change my situation. I wanted my life much more meaningful.

After I had been admitted by Banking University, I participated in lot extracurricular activities as sports, camping, conferences and clubs. I worked as a volunteer for Stock Market club. This club just established and not much student interested in it. I was very difficult to campaign the members to take part in club. Only twenty of my classmates joined in a weekly seminar.

After that, I moved from Stock Market to the IT field because the banking major wasn’t exactly my favorite. It was only my parents who wanted it. I got the IT courses by self-study; I usually accessed info on the internet and joined in IT forums to improve my knowledge. By an IT forum, I made a self-study group include four members to archiving the dream. We are supported for classroom and computer by VNPro Company. One year later, I got a job at a Cisco networking academy as Technical consultant and I stopped my studying at school. After that, I moved to NETiKA – a Belgium company at Vietnam. My job usually interacted with many customers from different nationality have brought to me a wide knowledge about multi-culture, enthusiasm, teamwork.

I felt that I needed to improve knowledge and skill in order to work well in a professional working place. I decided that it was better if I returned to university. I decided to resign my job and found scholarships which lead me to an international university.

While I was waiting to hand over my lab-top for my boss at NETiKA’s office, I went to the TakingITGlobal site by chance. Oh! I was amazed by TakingITGlobal! It was exactly what I needed to raise my motivation. It made me recollect the article that I had read two years ago. My feelings were the same as the first time I had read about youth forums. In my heart, I would like to contribute more. TakingITGlobal has opened a new gate of the world to me. “Your future just started” Yes! I’m starting a new challenge.



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Pham Thanh Nhon

This user has not written anything in his panorama profile yet.

Hong-Anh Nguyen | Apr 6th, 2006
Trời Nhơn được các bạn hâm mộ ghê. Giờ bạn HA mới biết để đọc đấy. Mỗi tội cứng đầu cứng cổ thì chả thấy ai khen cho :))

huy | Nov 3rd, 2005
Tie^'ng Anh qua' tuye^t. ! hihihi ! sao k viet' tieng Viet di cho de? doc. ! hihihi

Nguyen Mai Lan | Nov 3rd, 2005
I also sometimes find it difficult to know what I want, how I am in the future. May be after reading your wr

Nguyen Van CHinh | Nov 4th, 2005
Yes! I think soo

Nguyen Trieu Nam | Nov 4th, 2005
I think If you know What you want, It's a wonderful. Sometimes, we'll decide and choose. Choose this and will lose other.If you want , you'll do it. Good Successful.

duc vinh tran | Nov 4th, 2005
it is very interesting story, and i understand the point you made.....but however vietnamese parent only wanted the best for their child. In reality your parents did not disappoint at you did not they? i think they must be proub of your successful very much...... thank you for sharing your story

Tuyet Anh Vu | Nov 4th, 2005
Not many people are as lucky as you to read such an inspiring article. Also, even if they read such a motivated article, how many of them are brave enough to drop their present job in order to pursue what they really want??? I think choosing the part of our own life is not about if we are triggered by some kind of inspiration but about if we are willing to do it. Thanks for your story.

Hoc Sinh Ca Mau | Nov 6th, 2005
Bạn Thành Nhơn thân, Bạn dám bỏ ngang Đại học Ngân hàng để bước vào một công việc thuộc CNTT, thật dũng cảm đó! Kỹ năng thực tế của bạn (theo như bạn nói) quả là đáng để các bạn tham khảo và học hỏi. Trong quá trình sống và làm việc rất ít khi người ta tìm thấy được niềm vui ngay trong những công việc đầu tiên, nhất là khi tuổi đời còn trẻ, còn nhiều ước mơ hồng... mà thực tế cuộc sống thì cực kỳ thực tế. Ông chủ của một công ty thì làm để tìm lợi nhuận... còn nhân viên chúng ta thì làm để tìm dịp nâng cao khả năng và thu nhập càng nhanh mới càng hứng thú. Và điều này lắm khi đã trở thành... mâu thuẫn. Nó sẽ dễ dàng dẫn bạn vào chỗ buồn chán vì thời gian thì vẫn trôi qua, công việc của bạn thì cũng vẫn vậy... Mong rằng sau khi bạn tốt nghiệp được trường ĐH quốc tế nào đó và bạn tìm được một công việc đầy hứng thú và đầy thách thức như bạn hằng mong đợi

bui huyen trang | Nov 9th, 2005
ok,Im very happy when see your topic!Many young people same to you:always follow their parent's dream!It is boring!because you will never find yourself-you are ohter person!....You only are yourself when you choose a siutable way.ofcourse It will very nice if your dream is your parent'dream!Thanks!and BEST WISH FOR YOU!

Pham Thi Kim Dung | Nov 18th, 2005
ur english is very good we are youth i think we need to challenge ourselves wish u are successful in future

Pham Thi Kim Dung | Nov 18th, 2005
ur english is very good we are youth i think we need to challenge ourselves wish u are successful in future

Pham Thi Kim Dung | Nov 18th, 2005
ur english is very good we are youth i think we need to challenge ourselves wish u are successful in future

Pham Thi Kim Dung | Nov 18th, 2005
ur english is very good we are youth i think we need to challenge ourselves wish u are successful in future

Sometimes I also feel like that
Tran Dieu Huyen | Nov 25th, 2005
Who I am and what's the meaning of my life, why I have to study and what am I learning for...are the questions always in my mind. As a youth, I think we have many things to do, to hope.We have such big crazy things and want to make them come true. But sometimes when life goes not like the way we hope it's, we'll surely feel disappointed and depressed. I am in not in your situation, my parents allowed me to enter any university I like and I chose only by its interesting name:Externally Oriented Information.It's my class's name and it belongs to University of Journalism and Communication. Now I am the second-year student but I am really bored and tired of all my subjects. I thought that I'd have a perfect way of learning at university.I also thought it's absolutely different between High School and University. But what really happened after 2 years, I can't express exactly my disappointment about everything concerned in my studies. The only thing I can do now is accept the truth that I am there and I have to try my best to learn. It's too late for another choice. You said in your writing that you dared to leave your Banking University and I think you are brave.At least you know what you like best and really want to do in conformity with your ability. But for me, I don't ecen know what I want to do and what suits best to my ability. I have no desire now. Everyday when I come to my class, I try to hide my inner emotion, I try to show that I am alright but I lied. Please tell me what should I have to do now. I am going to take part in my final exam at the end of the first term but it's nothing in my mind and I find very difficult to learn. How can I do now to overcome all my obstacles?

Pham Thanh Nhon | Apr 12th, 2006
Hi all my friends,

The first thing I can say, that I was really amazed your comment for my article. I can remember that no one wrote any comments at last time I glanced my article. Therefore, it was surprising for your words.

Thanks for praise on my English ability. However, my article was really edited by TIG’s editors before publishing. If your English is not good, do not afraid. Let’s try to practice as much as possible. If you afraid that someone will laugh your acceptable errors, how can you make a “crazy” or “impossible” decision for your future?

This is my case. Before I decided to left my university, I had really felt afraid that I would fail or something very terrible. I was very lucky that I could share my opinion with a friend who was three-year student. Although she did not sure what I wanted to do, but she always encouraged and believed me. That was enough; I did not need all people sympathized with me. I have a supporter, and I would demonstrate for her that I am right.

However, before I decided to leave school, I had also tried my best to adapt with my school. I worked as freelance volunteer for Stock Market Club although no one offered me that job. In the recreation, I went to every faculty to announce news and mobilize new members for club. I also designed and distribute Club’s bulletin to every student in order to help promoting Club. Although some student interested and joined in Club, but I realized that something was wrong. The Board of Administrator did not dynamic and vision as I thought. My friends wondered what I was doing, and they thought I was crazy. They laughed me when I told them my dream, my opinion about education, youth, and career. That was enough! They did not need to know more as themselves. I believed that I could prove the value and trust of my opinion. I prepared a plan to leave my school.

You know, I had prepared for my decision. Do not think that you can make an important decision without any preparation.

By a chance, I accessed in an IT forum. From that, I participated in a technology seminar that was organized by youth that inspired me interesting IT field. That seminar helped me not only learning about new objects of IT field but also giving me an initiation for study. That was group study.

You need to know that when I chose to study IT with faculty was networking, I faced with a big obstacle was money. I might pay about 5000 USD or more for first two levels of my target certificates. I was not a rich student. I had had to find a solution overcoming this problem. The group study was a good initiation for my case. Accessing other IT forums to learn how I could establish and manage a group, I gained more knowledge for my first plan.

I started my plan by publishing a call for group study on IT forum. I had receipted many replies from students, even some employee from the big companies also interested

From a meeting in a café shop, my group was established with the name Net 5 -1. Net implied for Networking, 5-1 was 5 boys and 1 girl. We were also supported from VNPro Company and two mentors. Our mentors help us answering the problems in curriculums. VNPro provided room and devices for our study. We went to VNPro every morning Sunday to study theory or practice. That was happy time that I felt a bright future was opening in front of us.

Moreover, many people had followed my way. Many study-groups was created and operated effectively. This way helps “poor students” like me approaching with the new and modem technologies. Therefore, we could meet the requirement of IT labor market in order to get a good job after graduating (of course I will never graduate because I study all courses myself ^^cheer!). My action had inspired other ones, this was very important for me.

Okay! Go back my plan to leave university. After I could earn money to cover my everyday needs, I though that I needed to implement my decision. My parents and my sisters had already known my intention, but they always opposed it. Ignore them, I phoned to my parents and said that I had left my school. Although they understood that I would do that, but it was really a shock for them. In my oldest sister’s letter, she told that my mother had cried so much because of my decision. Insight me, I always sorry with my parents, but I understood that if I did not carried out my decision now, I would pay a dearly for my future. I have heard many people regretted about their youth, I never wanted to follow them.

Dear Duc Vinh Tran,

Up to now, my parents still remind me that they have very disappointed with my decision. Why? Because they like I become an official employee with the warrant of retirement. Sometime they compared me with a banker and said that if I did not leave my school…What do you feel in this situation?

To me, I understand that my challenges just start. I need to achieve more successful in order to demonstrate that I am right. Moreover, I have to inspire other ones, give them an advice or strength in order to overcome their problems.

Dear Tran Dieu Huyen,

I understand your situation, let’s e-mail for me. I willing share you my ideas and experiences to help you overcoming your obstacles.

Now, I want to share you an inspired article that I just read. Hope that you will be inspired by it: http://news-service.stanford.edu/news/2005/june15/jobs-061505.html

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