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No more war tomorrow Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by vine, Uganda Sep 11, 2005
Peace & Conflict , Culture , Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


No more war tomorrow Is this really me writing? I have been holding this pen since morning; could this Ink be of the blood of my brothers and sisters in Northern Uganda, Iraq, or Indonesia?

Someone please help me, I think that I am writing another book after Revelation and that it will be Peace-nation who will approve this book because all the elders who would help me have been taken away by something called death or their souls have been scarred by gun-shots. I might be the next target because am spreading the gospel of peace among all nations and someone is thinking of overtaking the world. Do you know how many have left this world without forgiving you? Am I sorry for being too judgmental and that I can’t stand this verdict because it is too religious? What do you think this world will be after 2015?

If only this world had no country or religion, but one Love. How beautiful that would be. Every day I dream and am a dream. I know that this is not the first time you are hearing about peace. Please, let’s stop the war and try something else like changing bullets into AIDS medications and guns into wheelchairs. How about changing weapons of mass destruction into mass constructions? The only action that has no advantage is war. It is like robbing a thief and murdering a murderer, what is the difference or should I say digging a hole to fill a hole, so ironic!

Youth have no place in this picturesque world. We have been victimized and our minds have been poisoned by the many bad experiences we have and are going through. Even my youngest brother, who is four years old, knows how to fire a gun and has been witness to rape by soldiers and rebels. He has seen our sister being raped while he was held at gun point. As I write this blood ink, I am shedding tears and may somebody say ”Amen”. My sister bade us farewell last year dying of genital complications; constant bleeding would sound rude.

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; I think power also lies in the hands of the holder and that absolutism and dictatorship is the order of the day. The unlucky tribe has no place in the country; they look under their noses and spit on their faces like they did to Jesus. Think of all the Americans who have died, think of the Iraqis and worst of all think of the 19 year old war in Northern Uganda, a war that has turned a region into a graveyard with land that is no-longer fertile and people who no-longer sing their traditional songs nor dance to the tunes of “dingidingi”, as the Acholi tribe call their style. How about “ojoga”?

You might think I am discursive or trying to be a pundit but this is coming from the bottom of my heart. The idea is to end the war and come together as one just like TakingItGlobal is trying to bridge the gaps between youth around the world and create change. I am sure that artists would be better at illustrating what I am trying to say but that would bring more bloodshed and a tsunami of tears. We should on the other hand be blessed with a tsunami explosion of peace among all nations.

An official in the Law department once said “better a soft word and a big stick, yet he instead used a big stick with aloud voice”. This should not be the way it is. Let uss end the war today and think about what our future will be after 2015, I mean us:the brilliant youths of the world.

By vine2005 Uganda



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Well, I'm a part time writer based in Uganda. I love poetry, short stories and travel-writing. I have been writing since my first year of high school. I enjoy writing a lot, though I am an artist pursuing a degree in Industrial and Fine Arts. Thank you for your help and you are all welcome to read my articles.
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