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Human Rights   Poetry


hear as I beat the gong.
listen as the trumpet sounds.
gather at the market square
and hearken to the voice
of the watchman.
our crops, our crude oil,
the wealth of our nation,
they are all taken away.
the treasure of our land
has become foreign exploit.
elders of our land
where is our birthright?
our glory, our pride,
they are all exchanged for money.
at the expense of our comfort
the elites grow fat.
the infants, the glory of our morrow,
they die in hunger.
yet you turn your eyes away.
but one thing is sure,
though we shed tears today,
we'll laugh at your downfall



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Writer Profile
gabriel babatunde oluwakorede

I am a young man whose dream is to reform the world through poetry. I was nominated as "Poet of the year" for 2003 by Maryland-based International Society of Poets. Though I was unable to attend the convention for a reason, I still find joy in my achievement.

I do not have an organization of my own, but I plan to have one soon. I am looking forward to joining so many governmental organizations, and meeting poets of like minds. I believe so much in poetry, and it has been my platform for everyday activity.
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