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The Hollow World Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Awais Aftab, Pakistan Aug 28, 2005
Human Rights   Poetry


A mystic silence fills my ears.
The noise of the rotating fan
dissolving into the void.
My probing eyes, feel as they scan

the room and its walls.
The emptiness of my mind
projects unto the world
through a lens of peculiar kind.

I see but I do not see!
I hear but I do not hear!
To stare into the darkness beneath the light
A condemnation? A curse? A gift?



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Writer Profile
Awais Aftab

Writing has been a passion, a love ever since I learned to write. For me, writing is a means of expression of 'secret tears and secret pleasures'. True writing comes from the heart and often it is the one to find you, not you the one to find it. Writing gives me power, the strength to carry on, the will to live and to live in a better way. It helps me find deeper meaning in the world around me and to understand myself much better. I can't survive without writing. For me, my writings are the whispers of life, in which the glory and sorrow of life echoes. For me, these are the glittering tears, whose every flash encompasses a thousand aspects of life. I believe that, 'I write; therefore I am.' However, true ease in writing comes from art, and I still have to learn a lot about that.

Rarest Of The Rare | Aug 30th, 2005
Seriousely....It as so much breathe, so much emotion. Will make sure to check ur profile often for more of ur writings. Take care

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