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Blessed Are The Singles Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Matongo Maumbi, Zambia Aug 27, 2005
Health   Poetry


For they’re alone in their income
Blessed are those who are detached, for they can go where they please, whenever they please.

Blessed are the uncommitted, they have no phone calls to wait for or
to make.
Blessed are those who do not thirst for companionship, for they do not have to share the remote with anybody.
Blessed are the purely unattached, for they buy whatever, whenever without consultation, without any thought as to whether their mate will approve of the purchase or not. In other words, they can indulge without guilt.

Blessed are those who are not persecuted when Valentine’s Day rolls in, they do not need some special day declared to remind them that they are happy in their present state.

Blessed are you when couples walk arm in arm on a rainy day, for you’re not getting wet, trying to squeeze two people under a small umbrella (and you can also run as fast as possible without worrying about leaving honey behind!!!!).

Blessed are those without the so called “honey pies” or “sweethearts”, for
they can enjoy countless night outs and come back home the following day
around 11 am without having to account to anyone for their whereabouts.
Yes, indeed, ba thabang ke ba sa nyalang, for they can enjoy all their weekends with friends without saying “ E Joe, I have to spend all this weekend @ home because last Friday I was in trouble” & those boring stuff.

Shame on you, you who are already taken!!!!

Viva ama Singles



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Writer Profile
Matongo Maumbi

Matongo Maumbi aka Afromatrix, is a producer at Radio Chikuni in southern rural Zambia on 91.8fm. I have been a practicing journalist since 2000 and ICTs for development in rural areas and youth related issues have been of particular interest. I have an interest in writing, and when I do it's a good piece. I believe that sharing such information with a wider group can enhance good growth on my part in Chikuni and the other parts of the world.
I am male and 24 years old, single and hope to marry the girl I have intimate emotions with.
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