by Abby Mac Phail
Published on: Aug 25, 2005
Type: Poetry


I am a black child
born into a world full of hate
cause all people do is
They see ya skin
and black face
and then they segregate.

I am a welfare child
walkin’ on line
to get my government cheese
so that my family could eat.
I walk miles
to make a l’il change
so my family can have
a piece of bread at least.

I am a poor child
walkin’ from hood to hood
tryin’ a find somethin’ to do.
Walkin’ around
with these old run down shoes.
I am a cryin’ child
angry and full of hate.

Cuz daddy ain’t around
and mama sleeps around.
My brother’s doin’ drugs
and my sista is a victim.

Sit and listen
can’t ya’ll see
us black people
need to break free
don’t fall for the trap
don’t use dat crack
don’t be a whore
I’d rather be a bore
in school
I tryna make it through
cuz I don’t wanna be like everybody else
I wanna be myself.

Stop can’t ya’ll see
we don’t needa segregate
we needa integrate
and just


By: Brittany Garrett
New York
Age 14

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