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Nepal: Country where the blood is flowing Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Shakti, United Kingdom Aug 9, 2005
Peace & Conflict , Culture , Human Rights   Opinions


It is clear in how he addresses the nation that you will get more love and responsibilities from the king to his countryman.

My concern lies in the the fact that the way that he addresses the public is completely different that his actions. History teaches us that it is a bitter truth that those with a solid military and warfare will never give power easily to those who cry for power. In this century, we know that single democracy is hardware; democratic parties are operating systems and the Nepalese abide by a constitutional monarchy system. Here we can’t say anything; political demands are negative for the nation and the King’s democratic practical experiments are faulty. We are clear on one thing though, the King's actions are non-democratic.

Democracy and human rights are the basis of peace and development. Human rights should be respected and freedom should be provided for the people. The government, the Maoists and all political parties should respect and promote human rights. International humanitarian laws should be considered in times of conflict. Advocate Shom Prasad Luitel, expresses the need of unity in his article History of Maoist. He says, “The Maoists should come in to the political mainstream, stop violence and contribute to a developing nation. The government and all political forces and human rights communities should make an effort to solve the Maoist problem. All Nepalese, whether Maoist or non-Maoist, together should bring peace in the country; a new era where everyone has basic human rights without regard to caste, sex, religion, origin, economic status or political ideology”.

Peace for student, peace for development, peace for poor and so on. Social science student Roshni Rai further expresses her feelings in her dairy “U know today I woke up early to look forward for a beautiful day but some things never happen.....I change and then get ready for my college ..And off go to my bus stop. The bus comes picks me up and. Hoping to meet my best friend and share all my problems.....I rush toward the day....BUT ALAS!! When we reach the college gate the guard tells us "RETURN BACK there’s A STRIKE...NO STUDIES no COLLEGE" my dreams shattered in the ground.......It happens to every student who has dreams to share vision and make their life better....But my place is filled with black shadows of dirty politics that the light of our desires are hard to see...HELP US PLZ.......MAKE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN!! PEACE.............”

The King must start to have better communication with democratic political parties and the Maoist. He must begin to carefully address this serious matter. Power comes from the justifiable deeds and it is only a democratic system that balances the power. It is not a time to challenge, but rather a time to observe and share with one another. The best way to resolve the current situation is to set a date for an election and to continue down the road of institutional democracy. We need to recognize that we have already covered much of our history in blood and we need to start to learn from our past.

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