by Dereje Amera
Published on: Aug 8, 2005
Type: Opinions

Human beings, as defined by psychologists, are social animals, which needs revision for re-defining their nature, which is dependent upon the existence of others for interaction and communication for existence and survival. It is very fascinating to see how this interaction changes from age to age, situation to situation and place to place. At one time human beings used to communicate by using symbols and signs, at another speaking the same language [which we do not know] and now we are living in an age that we have many diverse languages. Language defines the culture and personality of individuals, for in it lies the secret and mystery of their life. Humans are very delicate beings who need care and dignity in terms of interaction and communication. Among all the creations, there must be one big reason that we are singled out to live by freedom, moves by choice and preference. Why is humans endowed such a blessing or [a curse] that one never chooses for oneself?

By definition, language is communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols; such a system including its rules for combining its components, such as words. It is indeed interesting to see how some words have obtained some kind of influence over other words and on people as well; the moment these words become ‘concepts’, they revolutionize the mentality and applicability of their nature within any given society to a different perspective, and crown with such force that vibrate the entire world. Words, in a very fact, are just a combination of letters but their practical and outward applications and interaction within society, on how they get through the nerve of every human frame and transform into a state that was not before, is just a mystery.

Words and languages affect our social environment in terms of understanding and comprehending realities. The inner powers of human beings; thinking, imagination, comprehension and memory, are mainly affected by the words and languages of the environment, whose capability is determined by the amount and content of words and languages that one knows, which do have an impact on the whole personality and individuality of any person. Language is a powerful instrument that mankind is bestowed to share and articulate ideas and thoughts. It makes one’s life so simple, but also is a disaster if one uses for destructive purposes. Nowadays, it is becoming one of the major challenges of any given society, for people create their own jargons for their mysterious and hidden motives, which ruins society’s common goals and objectives. People create their own signs and other mysterious languages to fulfill their secret purposes.

The current music style—modernism from the west—that contains vulgar words and expression in the songs introduced, in which all other citizens are trying to imitate—whose original intention was insult and use of force for immoral purpose, like rape, robbery and the like needs complete control over on this aspect, where youth are trying to shape their mentality in a way that is not productive and useful. The whites insult the blacks in their songs in the west, and vice versa too, which created tremendous stress on the already variation occurred, which needs revision and rethinking in our perspective and outlook towards the nature of man. Any expression that degrades and underestimates the value of any other human being should be eliminated, and totally removed from our consciousness.

The Hollywood movies are influencing the generation, especially, the youth, in many ways. The movies like “Set It Off”, which displays bank robbery—creates a desire in the minds of the youth, especially for those who lives in developing country, who lives in countries where there are scarce resources, to engage themselves in violent acts like that so that they can live without misery. They copy the words, acts, and behaviors displayed in the movies, which spoils their inherent and true personality. Although movies have positive impact on the life of society, they create tremendous psychological stresses and imbalance among the youth in the third world countries. They have created identity crisis, where youth are getting lost in the middle of nowhere. People like to imitate the gesture of the actors, words and so on. Every one wants to speak like the President.

Movies put desires, which have never existed in the minds of the youth before; but this desire may good or bad, which still affects society as a matter of translating it into action. If one fails to do so, one may be forced to dwell in unacceptable acts. They put fancy dreams into minds, which create chaos especially among the youth in the third world, which put the entire generation in dilemma and confusion. They like to speak like westerners, but they eat their local food. Sometimes when we get accustomed to an environment, which may be bad or good, it is very hard to detach ourselves from that situation, since we are somehow adapted to it, we feel comfortable. In such a case we may tend to assume that even though it is wrong we assume it as right and we just continue with the practice and it happens to be “informally legitimate”.

The role of media within any given society is indeed critical; the proper and appropriate presentation of information to the public is necessity. What we see and hear affect what we think. As stated in the Holy Bible: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”, our reality is affected by the things we see and hear, which has a mysterious and immediate connection with our mind. What we think has an influence on what we feel, dream and do. Our thinking, about nations and people, are somehow shaped by how influential media agencies perceive them, whose consequences last for ages. Media affects our thinking, perception and lives as well. Media shapes this world, and the people. Media is a great instrument to deliver the proper language that society needs for interaction. Media should filter and be instrumental in avoiding vulgar, abusive and any form of expressions that undermine, and undervalue the nature of human beings, and should work hard in providing productive and useful valuable forms of expressions to the public.

Ethics is an integral nature of humans. The very character that distinguishes man from animal is his governing principles towards behavior. This begins within the individual, then expands to the community and stays firm at the institution level. The principle of high moral values in our life as a human being are the basis and center of our life, where our real freedom can be declared by overcoming the passions that are struggling us to drop down to our lower nature.

Violence is not only an action, but also a tool for a thought. It is created in minds—it is becoming a myth—as we can see how some people have defined it and practice it [terrorism], whose primal root is society’s perception towards realities—which are not productive, useful and peaceful. Unless people’s mentality towards the nature of man is changed, and practically translated into reality, violence will be the fate of our world. It can never be stopped by rules and policies, but rather with the voluntarily and matured understanding and exercise of the freewill of individuals—which is possible through “Moral Revivalism”.

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