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The Sad Story of Kay Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by sleemfesh, Nigeria Aug 6, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Short Stories


The Sad Story of Kay Since Kay was young, he learnt that he was not meant to go out or visit people. He lived in such a secluded area that he expected people to come around. And they did, their home being spacious and having all that young people love. Because of this he did not find the reason to go out much.

Then the neighbourhood got so rough and people were always bullying. For example, a gangster would give one money worth just a bottle of Coca Cola and tell one to get him a bottle of beer, cigar and then his balance! Sounds silly but if you do not do as he has said, you have yourself to blame. During festivities, the place was not safe for children. Now Kay is 22 and the effect of the whole incidence is on him.

One thing is that he cannot make friends very easily. Given his home upbringing he found it hard to approach people. It was usually Kay expecting people to come and be with him and so he could not make any meaningful advances. He could stay with his fellow guys but when it comes to ladies and girls, he is pretty scared and just cannot go on.

Then he got this assignment that took him on an evangelization to a place a bit far from his home. For nearly a full year there was hardly any guy he could call in his friend as in being with for really long time. The girls were no nowhere to be found.

Mind you he is tall and handsome and all girls around would always turn their head to have a second look at him. But he could not accost any of them. It was devastating. Maybe to pay for this in other ranks he immersed himself in self development. He can do virtually anything on the internet and repairs his PC and that of other friends of his. He writes and is well versed in almost any discipline. But at 22, he has no real girlfriend. He has "searched" but he has not been able to find one.

This gut is cute and versatile. He can repair many things and he can tell you something about anything you can talk of. But he has not got the real warmth of a friend of who can be there for him when he is down. He may turn into a living ghost if care is not taken.

Now do you know that you may have been like this? Well, then do not try to restrained the young ones more than would be goof for them. Make sure that you give them some sense of belonging and see that other people around don't abuse them. You can help with your own child now or your future child. Kay is not myth, Kay is and would have not been had the parents been a bit more loving in other better ways. Give that child the condition good for his or her growth. That sure will help.

How can this child be helped? You have your opinion but you are the answer. Help the children out!



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Writer Profile

I have heard that life is like a piece of music;it has to end somewhere yet we are obliged to enjoy the music a long as it lasts.

It matters to me that I be in tune with my individual feelings irrespective of the several forces that come to bear on it, because, that is all I have and can lay claim on.

I grew up a little kid who had everything at his disposal, or at least I thought so. I was sure my fees would be paid and other kids came to our house to play and hardly ever the other way round. This only left me handicapped later on in life when I realized that I actually have to fend for myself and needed to reach out to others to get certain things done. Things may always be around the corner yet we have to step out and take hold of them.
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