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The People on the Wall Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Fatema, Bahrain Aug 5, 2005
Human Rights   Poetry


Who are the people on the wall?
They are the ones who possess you
Possess your property, your life and most importanly your essencse
Who absorb your blood from your artery while your heart still beats
Uproot you from where you belong and play you as a fool
kill the innocence of your childhood and replace it with a revenge temptation tool
Take everything you ever owned, even your dignity.. Simply for they say its not yours to own anymore
Just because they are ON THE WALL
They are the ones who look at you from above
As if you are the ground and they are the sky
All they do, all day long, is dictating you around and pointing their golden fingers on everything you ever owned and have.. for they dont care as long as they feel a desire to have and that the word ENOUGH no longer exist in their vocab
And if one day you do not give them what they want, your life will never be the same... it will be worse than a nightmare in hell... is not your life now a pure hell?
They will enslave you worse than before until you have nothing to fight for, not even a penny or a soul ... enslave you day and night until you cannot tell the difference between dark and light
Neither your name and the word SLAVE
Have you neither eyes to see nor emotions to feel? That they are your destruction and your way to death
You cannot even mention their names, for they are unspeakable
For they are the people on the wall
In their minds, you are inferior and they are superior
Therefore, they are free to do whatever they want, simply for they were crowned on the wall by the heavenly divine will before you grandfather's cursed birth to eternity
Well that is what they CLAIM...
With no single doubt inside me, you will speak with unheard voice: "How Cynical?"
However, it is the bitter truth
That no one can ever deny, not even the PEOPLE ON THE WALL!
But it can be fought ... Because it's you who gave them that right and that power... Cant you remember?
Are you willing to fight?
For your principles... your rights and for everything you had once owned and now they own
Are you willing to walk tall to live long?
To stand up for yourself in the face of the injustice
In the face of the PEOPLE OF THE WALL and say loudly and clearly without any single fear "That is not Fair"
This is mine it belongs to me... For GOD says it is my birthright since eternity



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Wiaam Youssef | Apr 14th, 2008
nice ya fatema, nice words, well i am not sure if i can answer these questions..

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