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The Bruhaha Called Resource Control: To Be or Not to Be Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ejiro donald, Nigeria Aug 4, 2005
Human Rights   Opinions
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The quest to regulate how the proceeds from its natural endowments are expended to the benefit of its people has in more than a decade been the problem of the South – South people of Nigeria.

The clamour emanates from the lack of trust exhibited marjorly by the people of the Niger – Delta on the rest part of the country. The lack of confidence stems from the argument that the rest of the country has unjustly benefited from the booties which accrue from their crude oil unfortunately to their own detriment. The question therefore is; who would sit aloof and watch this form of impartial treatment. Truthfully, no right thinking individual or group of individuals would “sidon look” this kind of deliberate mystifying nonsense treatment being metted out to them.

This is the position of the people from the oil-producing region. But how does the people that are being accused for these injustices see it? On their own part (especially those of the northern stock), they believe that the monies which accrued from their own God given resources, contributed a lot to the realization of making Nigeria an oil rich nation and that if not for the finances which accrued from groundnut (from the north), coal (from the East), cocoa (from the West) and the Tin-mines (from the Middle Belt), it would not have been possible for Nigeria to be rated as the sixth largest oil producing country in the world.

However, taking into considerations antecedents accounts from the sixties, one would realize that oil issues had generated a lot of unsolvable problems world over, well before Nigeria’s independence such that at the time, the proceeds from all the aforementioned natural resources could not finance the crude oil refinery projects in kaduna alone let alone the rest three.

A lot of people like to make it sound simple as if coal, timber, tin-mines, cocoa etc brought the finances with which crude oil flow stations were set up where companies like Shell had already brought in their capital for the enormous investment.

Again the south-south people that have not asked their governors to account for the little that is being
disseminated to them, would clamour for full authority over their crude oil as if when left alone, they can on their own finance this heavily capitalized investment with the resources currently at their disposal. For a long deprived group of people to ask for something which is beyond their managerial capacity tells how ill informed Nigerians can sometimes be.

The recent stalemate over the question of the resource control issue at the political reform conference (here
after CONFAB) speaks volume in showing to the international community how the leaders of Nigeria are toying on the intelligence (or is it myopic nature) of the generality of the Nigerian populace.

From the East (with erosion eating up the soil) to the North (with the threat of desert encroachment) the problem of serving the people which brought them remains deliberately unsolved by the thieves that claim to be politicians. From the south (with all the problem of environment degradation) to the West (with the sporadic problem of flooding) the problems are the same.

For those southerners that want to hate the Hausa/Fulani man for the reason that a few miscreants amongst them have impoverished them, such people should ask themselves that though thirteen percent is nonsense (in all forms); what has happened to that little fraction that has remained unaccounted for?

A right thinking individual need not be told that the ongoing CONFAB was just meant to squander taxpayers’ money as usual. Without been told, those that walked out of the conference should have known better that nothing meaningful would come out of it instead they have chosen to wine and
then dine with the devil only to do away with him. This is impossible. Going by the structures which set up the jamboree called the CONFAB, the south/south region cannot get anything more than they have now except what “emperor Obasanjo” and his cohorts decides to give them.

The control of resources and the sharing of the proceeds should therefore be determined by the people that are called Nigerians. The Political Reform Conference that has been set up to determine the state of the Nigerian affairs is no doubt a shadow of its own self.

The agitation of the sovereign nationals’ conference does not exclude crucial issues that are causing problems. The President and his group have fashioned out a conference that will actualize their own dreams and aspirations and not that of the nation and peoples.

The south – south people should read between the lines rather than allow themselves to be used as garden tools of some sort.

If the south – south people cannot even manage thirteen percent properly, it is a worthless venture to imagine that even a hundred percent can be judiciously appropriated. All that will be seen will be nothing short of the era where we had super-permanent secretaries in the days of oil boom. Their governors will not only be super-permanent but will become like the Hitler of the old that they cannot approach. After all the memories of the “owambe” governors of the southwest in London is still fresh a tale in our memories.

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Writer Profile
Ejiro donald

Enefe Ejiro Donald was born and raised from a humble background. I appreciate and advocate for equity, justice fairness and world peace. I look forward with eagerness to that day when the world will be a better place for all to live in...we can all work it out...the lil contributions from every citizens of the world can help achieve this dream
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