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In Spite of… Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by A. Tsang, New Zealand Aug 1, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Health   Poetry


In spite of the ending of the world,
it never affects me
Because I seem to have never existed
In spite of everything is falling apart
I don’t need help
In spite of my paranoia,
I don’t need love and care
Just drift along forever
But I have to get over this with courage
Now I reset my goal
I have conquered my fear
I have to learn how to bare failure
I am ready to rise
Feeling my best ever
I will never have sadness and anger
There is no more sleeplessness
Everything is changed
If you are lucky enough
You’ll meet the brand-new me
A few years later
You meet me and my newborn babe
You say goodbye to me with laughter
I hope you remember,
once we shared the same air together



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Writer Profile
A. Tsang

I was born in Hong Kong, China in the year 1975. I'm a born Catholic and educated in English and Chinese since kindergarten. I arrived in Auckland in 1993 as an overseas student at Sacred Heart College. A year later, I followed my parents, migrating to New Zealand in investment categories.

I tried to get a degree at AUT and Auckland Uni but never made it. I earned a Diploma of Language and Culture at Auckland Institute of Studies. I was working in a gas station and as a caregiver in 2 healthcare organizations, but had no employment for longer than 1 year.

During my unemployment, I worked with my dad with some freelance interpreting, cleaning, lawn mowing for my dad's property and as a 24-7 sole caregiver to my pregnant wife. I am also an active volunteer and trustee of a Chinese Mental Health Family Support Group based in the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland. During my 12 year stay in Auckland, I flew back to Hong Kong 6 times, with one trip to Tianjin City, China (a city close to Beijing).
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