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A Reply to Ms. McKenzie Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by A. Tsang, New Zealand Jul 25, 2005
Child & Youth Rights , Health   Opinions


As member Fiona McKenzie pointed out, “…it is a lack of people to talk to that is one of the many causes of this. New Zealand is a highly multicultural place and we therefore often have problems finding our own 'New Zealand' image and culture.” Interesting! But what I think is, New Zealand is lack of job opportunities and proper things to do and not enough events happening in town to keep us busy. New Zealander is lack of initiatives, directions, goals and things to do that keep them stay alive.

During my stay in Auckland for 12 years, there was a point that I feel I wanted to kill myself. That was the time that I was struggling in employment and my love relationship. I felt I was a total loser at that time. Anyway I never took the action and I took a trip to China.

8 out of 10 Chinese friends I met in Auckland 10 years ago returned to their homeland. Yes! New Zealand is a beautiful country but we had a vibrant 24-7 life back in Hong Kong. I remember during the time in Hong Kong, there’s always a place and event to go, a friend to meet, something to do, a new shop or restaurant open. Hong Kong girls are focus of what will happen next to the soap drama on TV, how to collect the whole series of new toys from Hong Kong MacDonald’s Happy Meal. I did a lot of good & bad things in Auckland but I was still thinking of killing myself at that time frame.

I also find that if you do not know how to drive and own a car in Auckland, you are land locked. Back in my home all the restaurants, café, supermarkets and every kind of shops are just underneath my apartment. Hong Kong’s public transport system is world acclaim. I was taking good access to everything in Hong Kong for granted.

Hong Kong compare to New Zealand have a much lower rate in suicide but still a lot of people has the problem. The problem is usually triggered by bad love relationships, money problems, family trauma, gambling problem etc. As I was involved in the Chinese mental health group, I find Hong Kongers have similar problems in New Zealand.

How did I move away from thinking of suicide? I took a trip to China. When I returned to NZ, I joined the mental health support group and became a hard working volunteer. I luckily found a good woman last year, I married her this February and now there’s a bun in the oven. Now I never think about killing myself because I want to be a good husband and father.

I also started writing articles and poetry in English. New Zealand is a multi-cultural society. People with different ethnic backgrounds are staying very close to each other. Many world class talents choose Auckland as their new home. Many New Zealanders are taking advantage of this environment, learning the knowledge and wisdom from other ethic group and bring them into the New Zealand culture. The treasures are than translated into English and exported to other Western countries. New Zealand culture should be a smart and vibrant culture that composes every kind of goodies from every culture from the earth and I actually see no identity crises for all New Zealanders.



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Writer Profile
A. Tsang

I was born in Hong Kong, China in the year 1975. I'm a born Catholic and educated in English and Chinese since kindergarten. I arrived in Auckland in 1993 as an overseas student at Sacred Heart College. A year later, I followed my parents, migrating to New Zealand in investment categories.

I tried to get a degree at AUT and Auckland Uni but never made it. I earned a Diploma of Language and Culture at Auckland Institute of Studies. I was working in a gas station and as a caregiver in 2 healthcare organizations, but had no employment for longer than 1 year.

During my unemployment, I worked with my dad with some freelance interpreting, cleaning, lawn mowing for my dad's property and as a 24-7 sole caregiver to my pregnant wife. I am also an active volunteer and trustee of a Chinese Mental Health Family Support Group based in the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland. During my 12 year stay in Auckland, I flew back to Hong Kong 6 times, with one trip to Tianjin City, China (a city close to Beijing).
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