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by Landry N. Mayigane, Rwanda Jul 17, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Ever since the eve of time
The warmth of your aura has blessed the ages
Your shadow shields the fruits of your wombs
Your whisper soothes the wounds of life

Ever since the eve of time
My life dwells in the splendor of your pledges
Your unconditional love is like no other home
You are the triumph of my every strife

Ever since the eve of time
Your sacrifice has redeemed my survival
Your tips have brightened my pathways
Your compassion has fed my growth

Ever since the eve of time
Your queenship in my life is eternal
You are the delight of all my days
You always are a shrine of truth

Ever since the eve of time
You are the living memory of generations
Your routine is but sharing affections
You remain the heart of the nations...



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Writer Profile
Landry N. Mayigane

We create our own reality by our thoughts and actions. If we change our thoughts and actions we will change the world. It’s very simple !
I believe in change and i want to be part of this world changing process! Come join me!
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