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Understanding Differences Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Thomas Shotwell..., United States Jul 11, 2005
Human Rights , Culture   Opinions


Why is it that when someone walks by who looks "odd", most of us have this need to look and stare like that person is from outer space. If someone talks funny, or has a problem speaking for what ever reason, they get laughed at to their face or ignored. This is not the actions of a free and accepting society, but that of a perverse and hateful mob.

I am not known as a person who talks in such frank tones. I am actually known as the best source for understatements, and kind, round-about phrases. This is because I write how I really think and feel, not how my American mid-western fellows go about dealing with such issues. Sometimes we will do nothing about what is going on, and later tell everyone we know about this strange person who passed us at work or on the street somewhere.

Is this fair and correct? I don't think so, not when we all do various things that can be joked about or discussed "around the water cooler." What if your best friend had taken photos of your bedroom and showed them to someone that didn't like you? This gossip is not dissimilar at all.

No one wants their dirty laundry passed around so everyone can comment about the stains and tears in the fabric. Whether it is a limp; a lisp; braces; glasses; hair color; mobility aide; etc. we are all the same in the long run. Many things can't change, and others can be changed. It is not up to us to judge everyone around our selves so harshly that we can't see the person with feelings and opinions underneath.

Peace starts with two things, understanding and compassion. Why is it so hard for so many to use these gifts and talents that we are all born with? Hatred, prejudice and harsh thinking and words are learned. I may be harsh in the manner in which I am writing this, but I would like to ask you some important questions. Do you worry more about looking cool and fashionable so that you can be accepted, or about putting food on the table? Do you worry more about being "the pet person" at school and/or work or about holding to your values and ethics? Is being part of a club; click or popular more important than caring about someone who needs YOUR help?

As simple as these questions seem to be, look closer. Are you doing what you can to be kind, no matter what anyone else says? Or are you so afraid of being criticized that you close your heart to those who are "different"? Do you pity someone who is missing an arm or a leg? If so, do you then pity those persons who can't think as intelligently as you, without some sort of prejudice as you look at and talk to them? Do you become short with other persons because you can't find the source of their reasoning?

All these things only each person can answer and define. Yet, in the end we are all the same inside and out. The same core fears and needs, wants and vices. Why then do we all fight with one another for a few bits of "I'm better than you" when we should be side by side working for the greater good.




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Writer Profile
Thomas Shotwell...

I am a focused individual who yerns for peace on every scale of our world society. I am married with no children to date, yet look forword to the potential that fatherhood brings. May we all learn to live as friends and family, no mater the history we all bring to the table of mutual understanding and compassion. Your's, "Thom"
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