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Invisible Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Jurina Smith, United States Jun 29, 2005
Human Rights   Poetry


A child whose cries are unheard
Unheard silence of tears
Tears that haunt her soul into womynhood
And here she stands
Petrified by her past, but no one will listen
Frightened by the unknown—a scared voice left to lay low
Lay low—in silence
Her heart races, 'WHY DO THEY HURT ME?' she screams as the Monster Stalks for her love, 'HOW COULD THEY?'
The girl closes her eyes and fear turns to action
She must fight for her life and grip the monster around its neck
But when she opens her eyes she realizes it’s a Human Spirit—'HOW COULD I!' she cries—She is too humane to disrupt the breath of a human spirit even though this Human Spirit’s eyes only see in blood
In blood they profess/write their love for her
Their love is for their possession—the womyn’s heart
The womyn’s heart—an invisible body
An invisible body who’s spirit no Man can understand
Understand why the womyn is frightened
Frightened because she knows not what to do
What to do? When even her birth has betrayed her
Betrayed her love—Who? Those human spirits—Invisible women
Invisible women who stalk her love
Her heart races, as she lay low in silence—a scared voice frightened by the unknown—Petrified by her voice, but no one will listen
Here. Is where she stands—Invisible



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Writer Profile
Jurina Smith

My truths, the hurdles in my life’s path have landed me Here—a foreign space. But no matter what my…your background, ethnicity, culture or sexuality our hurts, our truths, the hurdles in our paths lands us Here—in foreign places such as people trying to control Your definition of Self: You—Your Spirit—and finally …You are free …I am free to Speak—Jurina Smith
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