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Healing the Societal Wound Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nelson Olaoluwa Gabriel, Nigeria Jun 29, 2005
Human Rights   Opinions


Recent occurences in the US at bringing to bare and fore the past evil, mistrials and Justice denied is an event that is commendable. There is a saying in the Legal parlance that, "Justice delayed is Justice denied"

We have, however, seen that Justice on the right to live; which was denied some people, has come to be corrected and further to be impressed on the living: i.e. on the present generation. Though evil may strive at the present, and cover-ups may seem impossible to reveal, it takes only a moment in time for truth and Justice to catch up with the perpetrators the same.

Youth of today must learn from the series of trials going on in the US; which are connected with the killings of human rights activists of the past, that tolerance, dialogue and fairness are ideal keys to human relationships.

Most of the accused on trials are elderly: suffice to say that the crimes leveled against them (assuming they were convicted of said crimes) were committed in their youth, when they had the vigor and energy to possibly make an enviable impact on the society and change their time to make a better place for our time.

Can we take a cue from these and impact our time and generation positively?



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Nelson Olaoluwa Gabriel

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