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Language as violence, Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Simeon, Nigeria Jun 29, 2005
Human Rights   Opinions


The earth was spun out of violence; the big bang theory and the most subtle aspect all religions account of creation lies in the spoken word. It clearly tolls the line of violence creating the universe, acting on the forces of distraction/separation, each force gathering speed toward the centre of its attraction - the sun ruling by day and the moon by night. Man by nature is violent, in order to have inner peace there must be reconciliation between the mind, heart and soul. But there are situations where the violent man is exposed, routed by an event or emotion, this is where feeling is involved.

Society has graduated from the nuclear to the extended community base relationship and way of life, to a degenerated sadistic, sedentary way of life; the extreme cases are the recluse. The language of the marginalised and oppressed is violence, long gone are the days when dialogue solves problems. The African society has over the years been embroiled in conflict born out of policies of “victimization, marginalisation and oppression;” the whole world turned a blind eye to their problems.

Violence is often the end result as a proactive measure on the government’s part, as it is the case in Sudan, Iraq and Zimbabwe; and reactive on the part of the citizens, as it is the case in the Niger Delta (youth restiveness) and police killing; Nigeria, the Al Qaeda (the insurgents) in Iraq. The brewing crisis in Zimbabwe is just waiting to happen. The power of words is enormous: words can create, mar or destroy; but in an ever changing world of rich nation's subsidies, the third world countries are bearing the brunt in terms of unemployment and poverty. They can only speak out with violence, crime, terrorism and other social vices as a retaliatory measure against the mighty and powerful. This is situation is not restrictive to nations mentioned here but global in nature. Every one is vulnerable.



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Writer Profile

I am a graduate of business administration(marketing major) with diplomas in data processing and system engineering. I love the arts: poetry, painting and writing. However what makes a man is not in looks or interest but how positively he affects others and make the best out of people. I owe that to myself to get the best things out of life....My work revolves around information Technology, with the challenges of every day living...we are left with problems to deal with and the economy to contend with. This perharps defines my involvement in undertaking research into Development issues: personal development, job creation throught the ICT or e-commerce, which has been challenging with a lot of nocks and failure, I came up with the Brand TICK = art breakthrough as an approach to problesm solving personal development and wealth creation.
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