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The Role of a Family in Educating the Youth Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Myron Sta. Ana, Philippines Jun 17, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions
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"The Universal Declaration of Human Rights describes the family as the smallest and most fundamental unit of society. It follows that any choice and decision must irrevocably rest in the family itself and cannot be made by anyone else." Commencing from this quotation, we could already postulate that a family, being the minute structural unit of a society, initiates decisions regarding on how they will work inside the barriers of the society. Infamous thoughts about beliefs that a family is too impotent to evoke its emotions and is, also, too incapable to create changes on its immediate milieu is a false notion that really requires our paramount concern. Remember that the family is a haven where dream-achievers and professional front liners evolve. But what is the main issue about this? Maybe we are too oblivious to ask or just no one would dare to. What are the roles of a family in molding the success and headway of a country? No need to meander around, let me opine the views.

Just throw our eyes to the things occurring around us. There are too many juveniles roaming around the streets like vagabonds who are searching the endless desert of hopelessness. They tend to transform into bandits or criminals because of the negative influences beleaguering their totality. What made them to be like that? Thousands or even millions of youth around the world are suffering the pangs of not knowing the path where they will go. In line with this, they have become submissive to social torment and personal irregularities. No one would ever go in front and adopt them. We are asking why? It is just simply because they were not conferred the opportunity to experience the mellow touch and caress of their parents. They don't even relish the fruits of happiness: money...vices...toys...and most salient of all, education.

Scouting for the best solution to this disheartening reality will largely depend on our awakening and on our concern to stand up hand-in-hand and hands-over for the solution. To bring up a child in the way he should go should be the top focus of the family to start this huge reform. The roles of the family in educating the youth encompass their simple obligations and responsibilities. Don't dare think that these responsibilities are constricted only to giving them material things such as showering upon them their allowances, riding them to school, giving them all that they want, or just fake to say that the parents love them and truly care for them. There are pervasive instances in which some youth dissociate from their parents and go independently with their own lives just equipped with all the money and pleasure but, in the process, they are unaware that they are leading themselves to the end of a cliff...a dangerous cliff. What these innocent beings desire are the fruits of genuine care and education.

The adage stressing that the early education of the youth must start in the family is apparently reliable. A beautiful tree gifted with a profusion of sweet fruits will never appear like that if not for the sufficient nourishment and care that were bestowed to it by the gardener. This is irresistibly tantamount to the requisites of a child development training. Parents must educate their children according to the inspiring value of social reality and Godly regulations. Shaping and perfecting their children's emotional, intellectual and mental uprightness or well-being depend primarily on their intense supervision. Telling them to be good, showing them what is good, letting them act under the guidance of such positive values and training them to live it up on their own are the most appropriate examples. Let them learn to value their existence and, to top it all, teach them to value education. Education will not only implant knowledge in their minds but it will also train them to prepare themselves for embarking on the outside world beyond their childhood. Furthermore, it gives them the mettle to stand up with their right forward, ready to hit the goal. This will be an arduous journey but it will surely produce a good result.

Just take a race for example. The runners take their initial positions glancing forward towards the long-way run to the finish line. At the go signal, all of them rush with great speed and intensity. But one of them started will full speed. Reaching the peak of his exhaustion, he finally loses strength and suddenly decelerates. The other one prayed before he went that way. He, then, accelerates and suddenly runs as faster as he can until he reaches the goal. This enticing story is relatively comparable to teaching the youth. Parents must perform it piecemeal or gradually to be able to let their children cope with the changes and as well as the challenges. To be able to do something perfectly, they must critically observe the weaknesses and strengths of their children systematically.

This skill must be equipped with nurturing love and consideration that will surely redound to their totality. Taking account of this, the family, the parents in particular, should never forget their responsibilities to their children. I just presented a part of the scenario regarding the roles of the parents or the family in educating the youth. I have, partly, answered the confusing questions alluding to such roles. Are there other problems that need to be solved? Definitely yes. We already know that almost sixty percent (60%) of the population of the youth comprise schooling youth. They are already in the maturestages of their lives and it would not be imperative anymore for them to depend too much from the administration on their parents. Now that they are already in school, they should be adequately guided by their parents instead of being taken for granted or, worse, being neglected. This is the focal consideration that needs to impregnated in the minds of their parents. They are badly needed by their children even though they spend almost their whole day in their work.

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Writer Profile
Myron Sta. Ana

Myron Sta. Ana is a learning and development expert in the Philippines specializing in Corporate, Leadership and Management, Communications, Customer Service, Career, Personal/Work Excellence, and Volunteerism trainings and consultancy services. He is also a motivational/inspirational speaker and a life coach.

He is also the Founder and Chief Training Expert of Myronosophies: The Learning and Development Powerhouse, a sole proprietorship entrepreneurial venture in the country that provides training and consultancy services to private, government, non-profit, non-government, and youth/student companies and organizations.

Furthermore, he is the Founder and Master Advocate of Mandirigmang Pinoy, the first-of-its-kind online/web-based advocacy portal that promotes and supports Philippine boxing and its boxers; both the up-and-comers and the current/former world champions that are making waves locally and globally.

Lastly, he contributes as a writer for PhilBoxing.com, the premier boxing website in the Philippines that furthers Filipino boxers and Philippine boxing in general.

To get in contact with him, he can be reached thru email at Myron.S.Sta.Ana@hotmail.com or can be called and texted via his landline at (+632) 368.3214.
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