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Million Dollar Baby Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Azira Aziz, Malaysia Jun 16, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


I was once like you
I couldn’t face the world
It was so dark and I was alone
nobody could help me
they couldn't understand
all they did was to leave me alone
all alone
leaving wounds to fester
untreated as they scar
and remain
then I pulled myself up
knowing that if no one can
then I would help myself
or die trying anyway
somehow, I discovered
life's not so bad
somehow, I learned
the stars still shine
behind rain-ridden clouds
and tomorrow's a new day
so if you can trust no one
and are discouraged by the world
believe in yourself
and screw what people say
cause what really matters
is what you are to you
words are words but
you're worth a million dollars baby
so smile now to the world
and remember this
you're worth a million dollars baby
and you're good enough for you.



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Writer Profile
Azira Aziz

There are no definitive truths, there are no definitive facts, all we have are mere opinions, of which significance is derived from consensus.
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