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Nigerian Child Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by GOVERNOR, Nigeria Jun 7, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Nigerian child
The jewls of the nation
The pride of Mother Africa
How are their deeds in the mouth of other nations
Weep no more! Weep no more because of trafficking!
And all vices that affect you as a child cause it will come to an end
if only we?
We are the victims of juvenile delinqency, wars, crisis of all kind but have hope!
Let's not bear the burdens any more
Let's be treated like loved ones!
Oh! Oh! Weep no more cause the time has come
Let the society see us as "Instruments of Peace"
Peace that brings good tidings
Education is like a start
Health like the space shuttle
Environment, water are like the fountain of life
We need them for life
So treat us with love, kindness, respect, show concern and
above all have faith in us.
Listen to your child's voice
We are the future generation
Try and build us and give us good moral standards
And Nigeria, the globe will be a better place for us (children) to stay



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Writer Profile

Well I am a lover of poems. I do them when I am in a bad and good mood of life. I am a student here in Nigeria studying computer education.
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