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MDG Contest: Active Youth, the Effective Solution to Environmental Issues Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Elvira Nurieva, Russia May 31, 2005
Environment , Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


MDG Contest: Active Youth, the Effective Solution to Environmental Issues Man! The time is ripe to rethink!
The environment can’t permanently stand such a tremendous destructive impact!

Remember, if the environment is poisoned, the feedback will soon be the same - it will poison us! Clearly, it is necessary to ensure environmental sustainability. Nowadays it is we – youth, the most mobile, resolute and active part of society - who can change the situation to the best.

Doubtless, environmental problems have harsh circumstances on mankind, flora and fauna. Scientists constantly raise the alarm about ozone depletion and looming global warming. Physicians attach great importance to the issues of the immune system, skin cancer and ocular damage. It is high time to implement some drastic actions. In my view they are of two kinds: pacifistic and radical ones.

First, pacifistic measures are, to great extent, constructive. They imply conducting environmental projects and programs with an aim to increase the environmental cultural awareness of the population. It is noteworthy that these kind of projects assists in educating an ecologically-friendly attitude - especially in children. It is really essential to include ecological principles from the early stage of children’s development and upbringing so that future authorities will be bio-literate.

In addition, pacifistic measures have a practical character. I mean that the objectives of these kinds of projects include also the reforestation of sites nearby kindergartens, schools and the clean-up of forests and parks nearby schools. Moreover, they can give an impetus in developing creative skills as these projects include writing essays, stories and poems.

After implementing a definite project, all these creative works are published in brochures and distributed to children, teachers and the supporters of the project. So all these actions play a significant role in learning the ropes of ecology. Surely, they help the population get in touch with nature and strengthen the physical and emotional well-being of youngsters and adults.

Second, radical actions are politically oriented in nature. They imply calling a meeting or staging a protest. In this case, modern day Sophists focus on attracting heads’ attention to the pressing issues, forcing the authorities to act, to assist in solving them. In my opinion, the authorities frequently become belligerent and are not willing to listen to even the sensible comments.

I think that the choice of action depends on the conscious of the representatives government - whether they are ecologically-oriented or business is in the center of their attention. Will they provide financial support to non-commercial environmental organizations to realize projects, if they only know business?

As for me, I am utterly for constructive measures. First of all, we are people with sanity; we should be able to conduct a dialogue and to find a consensus when it is necessary. Further, the best way to solve urgent environmental problems is to enlist non-commercial public organizations to implement projects, to attract volunteers, to find supporters and, naturally, to establish cooperation with local and foreign environmental organizations.

Clearly, it is of vital importance to look on the bright side, and to be friendly and determined in order to contribute to resolving critical environmental problems and to ensure environmental sustainability.



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Writer Profile
Elvira Nurieva

My name is Elvira. I'm a member of non-commercial environmental organization "IIES"(Institute of International Environmental Safety) in Russia. I have taken part in a number of environmental problems initially as a volunteer, then as a coorganizer.
I will be glad to know your opinion about my article.
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